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Thread: So, what are the secrets?

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    Default So, what are the secrets?

    I'm constantly amazed at people with 3 and 4000+ BP days, with multiple "perfect sales". I've got max luck and AT BEST I can get maybe one customer a day that I could conceivably get a perfect sale out of, and maybe once a week I make the sale.

    I know there's a lot of noise and drama about cheating and fire setting and all that, so I'm not interested in hashing out all that ridiculous drama - and I'm not interested in "winning", I'm just curious if there's something I'm missing about the game that would make me a better player.


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    It is all luck of the draw and it depends on your PSY level.

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    Also the longer the tourney goes the attacks are worth more since you get you take away 1% of the person your attacking bury points and you get double that. Ex. if someone has 50000 pts they lose 500 pts and u gain 1000 some attacks later on in a tourney are the most important part of the scoring.

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