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    Let's get things straight. I did not defend myself in the last game because people would have realized who I was and that was never good for me, fires would start building up, yangs coming in, ganging up, etc.

    When I got 7-8 fires to my parlor I did not say anything and when Bob got them he started shooting his mouth (saying nasty things) about cheaters and whatnot. That was very unprofessional. If he suspected something he should have gone to Seth, not offend people. I did not tell Seth about you because I wanted to win head to head, fair contest.
    Basically he had a lot of fires because he talked trash in the newspaper.

    The only thing I did out of the ordinary was ask a low player to attack you at the end of the day so that you couldn't log on and I could attack you twice, and I thought that was a pretty good move

    I have won many games and did not cheat. On another server I had won 6 games in a row and the Admin told me that if I did not tell him how I won the last game he would ban me. I agreed on the condition that he didn't reveal my strategy. I sent him an email telling him stuff, he checked it against the coding and then he posted in the newspaper that I was indeed not cheating.

    I even asked Seth not to ban you, Bob, from the game and if he could remove the twins from the game so that no one would bitch about cheaters. I did this because you haven't proved your worth to me yet. Seth did not reply, but I'm hoping he will.

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    By the way I only said something after 12 fires and accused of cheating for 10 days. Than I made some comments. I never said anything about the 7-10 yangs a day for 3 weeks in a row. I do not want to be unbanned. Not worth my time. Enjoy.

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    For the record:

    1. I fix bugs or exploits if reported, no one has reported any to me. Maybe by "cheat" people are meaning dirty tactics or dupe accounts or something but not necessarily exploiting a bug, I don't know. But if someone is confident real "cheating" is occurring please email me privately about it and I can check it out.

    2. Kids play this game too, and posting weird harassing adult-themed messages on the daily log is against the game rules for obvious reasons, and there is really no excuse to be doing that, even if people ARE cheating.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Exactly. No one would e-mail you that Bob was cheating or had dupe accounts because without the three sparrows from Hawk I did not get anymore. If you would of been e-mailed Seth you would of looked into it and seen nothing but a true player.

    I started playing not long after this game came out and must say you did an excellent job!!!! After all this cheating not cheating exploiting bologna I quickly remembered why I stopped playing. When kaboom from bbsing ran a server and took out the twins mod the children left quickly as they had no chance.

    Thanks for the time wasting excellent game Seth it has been a pleasure. Take care.

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    Well, I for one am sorry to see that you will not be back to play, Villa, it is a shame, and I understand why Alex chooses to hide behind a name other than his own. I have been there done that. For several games in a row I was in the same boat, daily fires, multiple tigers, even the cat that was in the games at the time hated me, LOL, and Alex know this first hand by what we did in one game. I did little "news reports" in the daily news at the time which for some reason half the players hated and half loved it, and that was the reason, only one I saw, for all the damage done to my parlor. Alex, I suppose, didn't believe me about all the fires and what not so we switched names and parlors for one game, Immediately off the bat, he got slammed with fires, and tigers and such to the point of almost not winning, but he pulled it off and I learned much from the best player I have ever seen in FQ, till now.
    I really would like to see you two go head to head against each other just to see who is the top player.
    Heheh, I could be up there, COULD BE, I say but I just am not disciplined enough as Alex would say because I get caught of in the GAME. And that is what it is a GAME, a SUPERB one at that. You can know for a fact if a game is a good one when people get so intense in winning that they lose the concept of it being a game and there are other players that just enjoy it for the simple reason of playing. You make friends there as well, or at least I did and still have those regular players that are still my friends.
    So why fight? Why accuse? Why cheat? As Seth told me once which is probably still posted here somewhere, all this makes the game more....interesting.
    Thank you, Seth for a wonderful game.
    Thank you, Alex for showing me some interesting moves that could bring me up the ladder if I did what I was supposed to do.
    Thank you, Bob Villa for building my new front to my parlor. If I had of known about the tigers, you would have gotten a flock of sparrows, because it takes 2 to make up for 1 tiger.
    No matter what you do in life, keep digging those holes because some day, someone will want to be buried upside down so the world can KISS THEIR ASS!
    Love you all!

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    Thumbs up

    That was so touching. That was like one of the best things I have ever read.
    Forget the glass slippers this princess wears cleats.

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