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Thread: php LORD Coming soon (early 2013?)

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    Post php LORD Coming soon (early 2013?)

    Written completely from scratch in php and a scratch made database from mobs to NPC gossip and more. (and memory) and from countless resources around the web - as well as my own gaming experience (I still am using the original bbs version 4.03, i have earlier versions but like this one the best - using DOSBOX).

    I showed it to Seth, he said it looked great as was coming along nicely - the best he can do since he sold it and cannot give much help, however, in my eyes, he will always be the sole owner.

    I always wanted to see this game as a Browser Game, w/o mods, telnet or java mod etc... but a good ole fashion PBBG browser game. So for 2yrs I have been tinkering with it. but the last 4 months I have been feverishly writing it as I saw many post requesting a web version (as well as a mobile and Facebook as well, although I might dabble in a mobile version)

    just some screens to wet the appitite (from album, as I may upload others later)

    This version most likely will NOT have IGM's havent decided yet.
    currently it is playable, albeit buggy (its alpha) but dont mine people checking it out while I write it. Doubtful there will be any wips as the player structure is complete and functional, however other issues may arrise.
    present state (as of 12.13.12) - I have rewritten the entire code (again for the billionth time so something more streamlined and readable) so moving the completed version to this one.
    - LOGIN
    - healer
    - forest fights (all levels to 12 work)
    - armor/weapons (one of them is buggy haven't went back and checked)
    - trainer (all trainers will train with you)
    - daily news
    - inn
    working but not moved to this version
    - flirts with both seth and violet
    - conversing with patrons
    - get a room
    - bard singing

    Major things NOT working *even though it is coded
    - afk not getting recognized. worked in the prior version, not this one.
    - not enough gold at the healer, will heal portion, but my math is wrong ('ll fix it later) and you could end up with a sizable HP for several rounds :-)
    - in its current state, the game is easy to exploit - so if you decided to play on it, try to play fair - but do send me any exploits so i can plug them

    and more.
    If anyone likes this, and wants to tinker with it (yes while i work on it live LOL) I'll post a link. I really want to get it fully working by the end of the month.. not sure, but will be close.
    AGAIN: This is a personal project I am doing for myself, and just sharing it. I am having just as much fun writing it, learning as I am playing it.

    For those that want to pitch in, I am in dire need of some flavor text from the game I cannot locate, like when you kill a mob, they always have something funny to say. also need a collection of all the game events and their text - while I could just keep playing mine and eventually get them all - would take forever.
    I am aware of Nuklear LorD site - which has been a huge help, but there is a massive gap with in comes to the events and flavor text.

    cheers guys! Hope you like.
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    Thanks for the emails, couple mentions they just wanted to follow and will play when in beta. Good point. For those that want to follow until it is complete - I just put it up. Not a big twitter fan, but will do my best to add updates.

    visit phplord on twitter (post doesn't allow links atm).


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