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Thread: There is a new clan forming....Its yolo clan (by regrets)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zackery View Post
    I said that bro at the end because I was being sarcastic. And no we aren't "bros" because first of all you are getting on my nerves very badly. Second you repeat stuff over and over again. Third you don't know when enough is enough and forth I hardly even know you. So I am asking you nicely to PLEASE STOP!!!!
    Zack i think your taking this umm seriously. Bro doesnt is just another word for dude guy and that it doesnt neccesarily haev to be used when ur friends. Even though thats when most people do dat bro.
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    Default Huh?

    Quote Originally Posted by dagirl View Post
    You guys argue about the weirdest stuff...
    Who says we are arguing? And btw we are cool Derek I don't get mad at people for the silliest things the only reason I get mad is when I am cranky lolz. Cranky in a way that I have a headache....or my arm or leg hurts...haha sounds kinda weird but it's true.

    And sorry grave I don't know where I got the crazy thing from....

    I think I was talking to myself and I didn't get off topic hehe we all did....

    Are we cool grave?
    The king of demons is here.

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