I have been asked by a number of clans to join their clan and want to thank you all for asking but my position on clans is still the same. Currently I am not planning to Join any clan because I believe clans are destructive to the game. All it would take is someone with a maniacal disposition to announce that they are starting a secret society of players that were sleeper spies that join other clans and made small mistakes while playing. Just enough so their team lost the game but not to give themselves away. These losses however were to their real allegiance and before you knew it, their real clan would be on top with people never suspecting the members because they all belong to different clans. This type of scenario would be very easy to pull off and any problems any of the clans would have would be contributed to the secret society, thus growing it's power for things it did not have anything to do with. Soon paranoia would set in and the game would collapse because people would start combining clans to defend against a fictions enemy that may or may not even be a member of their own clan.

Sound farfetched? Well it is not because it happens every day to governments in the real world. This is why clans are dangerous. So next time you have an argument with a clan member, don't let someone join, kick someone out, or someone makes a mistake and you lose a match; ask yourself, does the secret society already exist??? If you say "I don't know" then the seed is already planted and real or not, your clan is in a downhill spiral to destruction.