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Thread: What is fileseq needed for?

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    Default What is fileseq needed for?

    Guys, i've just started learning ClanLib and i don't understand, what is filesequence attribute in sprite resource and what is it needed for when we have filename attribute? Please, help me with that

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    Lets say you have all your animation frames for your sprites in separate PNG files, like mustang_00.png, mustang_01.png, mustang_02.png, ..., mustang_31.png

    You could then tell the resource the "pattern" of your filenames:

    <sprite name="mustang">
    <image fileseq="mustang_.png" start_index="0" leading_zeroes="1" />

    This will try to load all the available images in sequence. It stops loading when it can't find an image with the correct number.

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