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Thread: Server laggy, fix on the way

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    Default Server laggy, fix on the way

    So I released a new game, Growtopia, and it had 650 players in it today! That's great, but sadly it has caused some performance problems, and because it shares the server with Tanked this means more disconnects and lag than usual.

    So I've bought a new server that will be just for Tanked, so performance should be awesome soon. I will start working on moving it tonight but I don't know if I'll be able to get it done. It may be down for a bit while the move takes place. (hopefully less than 10 minutes or so)

    So thanks for putting up with the lag and lack of updates, it's just been pretty insane because of the new game. (the new game is on iOS and Android now, but I do hope to get it on touchpad too eventually.. waiting on them to fix submission stuff)
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    at once nice job seth
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    Thanks Seth, I knew you would take care of it....
    And....yes the new game killed Tanked....I might have to use the game name for my id.

    Waiting is not an issue.

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