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    Default About entity layer control

    Just a newbie question, is there any grace way to control entity layers manually in my game GUI?

    e.g. Have 3 entities: main menu, shop, user info bar
    When enter shop from main menu, how should I keep user info bar staying on top layer of screen, instead of being overlapped by shop entity?

    Thanks a lot

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    One solution is put them in dummy empty entities, using entities as folders.

    Make these at the start of the game:


    Or, in code:

    GetRootEntity()->AddEntity(new Entity("GUI"));
    GetRootEntity()->AddEntity(new Entity("Overlay"));

    Now, anything you add to the entity Overlay (more entities) will always render over GUI, no matter what order they are added/removed later.

    To add the overlay, just make sure for its parent you use:

    Entity *pParent = GetEntityRoot()->GetEntityByName("Overlay");

    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    It's working brilliantly following your thread, Cheers!
    Thanks a Lot

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