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Thread: List of people in the Hawk clan...for people in Hawk clan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demonkid View Post
    Demonkill, my friend lives in Kansas, and I live in Minnesota. My friend is Demonkill...

    I am the real demon....and I go by as Demonking.

    Demonkill is my friend, don't get confused there used to be four demons, but two of my friend stopped playing this game, so it's just two demons, Demonkill and Demonking.

    I am Demonking.
    But you forgot to put yourself on The List.
    Watch me play Tanked:

    Beware, I love trolling!

    I've gotten a little inactive on tanked lately, and since I see no webOS-kickout, there will be no comeback.
    In Growtopia I'm around as the fabulouzz Psychoman.
    See you there! Meet me in my World MRLAVA or in my farm, TEQUILAFARM.

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    Default Ok people in hawk clan...

    The list is edited because other people wanted to join. Welcome our newest members: Kpopluv, and Samba.
    The king of demons is here.

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