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Thread: Does anyone else play INJUSTICE?

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    Default Does anyone else play INJUSTICE?

    If any of you guys haven't noticed, I haven't been posting alot. It is because I have been playing INJUSTICE! Do any of you guys play INJUSTICE? If so, reply "YES" or "NO" and tell me what team you use, and what level they are. This is my team:

    Green Lanturn,
    Green Arrow.
    (BTW I just started playing.)
    IGN: JackRussell.
    I've been playing since December 28th and I'm already semi high level. (16) #nolife

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    Damn I wanted 2 bid but I just got hacked and lost my stuff

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    Yes, I'm stuck on the last Boss. You suck Green Lantern if you're seeing this.

    Catwoman (10)

    Green Arrow (9)

    Lex Luthor (10)
    Bleach Ex Machina

    Best Song of 2016. Die Hard Jacob Sartorious Fan.

    sike looooll

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