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Thread: A thing you never know when editing your signature

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    Default A thing you never know when editing your signature

    Sometime when you love a music from youtube or anything you make sure read/look/listen at them carefully before posting there might be a inappropriate words you never notice e.e (Or things)
    If you have done a signature like this post comment down there c:

    To those who didn't know my IGN: Secret :3 only if you got permission from me :3

    Forgot to give credit sorry about that I forgot his name xd

    When scammers got caught.

    I still remember the day when I joined forum for first time.

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    Just click the spoiler in my signature and see.

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    I try to keep that in mind when I add a video. Also, its one of those Vevo videos, make sure the video content is relatively clean, too.

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