Just wanted to mention a few success stories about FQ and Linux:

<ul>[*]I can play FQ under linux&#33; (RH9.0/FireFox9.x) The flash installer worked like a champ. Amazing. I don&#39;t have sound on this linux box, so I don&#39;t know if that works. [*]I recall one of the FQ admins has FQ working under Linux via Wine. That&#39;s pretty sweet&#33; I tried that, but the networking, er, didn&#39;t. Still, I wasn&#39;t very persistence in trying to get that to work.[*]Daisypark&#39;s FQ runs as a win98 virtual machine via VMWare workstation hosted on RH9.0. I don&#39;t recomend using win98 to host FQ. Go with w2K or better if you can. [/list]