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Thread: Dink editor loads then crashes.

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    yeah um. Dink edit keeps loading then shuts down. don't know whats wrong with it. Any one know what I can do about it?

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    Same with mine man.. it acts like its going to start then goes back to windows...

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    maybe you have to install the windows xp path....

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    It depends of how you open dink editor.

    You can open dinkedit in several ways.

    When you open it in you dink smallwood file then you see the screens they used for the main game.

    When you open it from frontend you can see the screens of other dmod's.

    In any way you can open edit. It looks that it crashes.

    Does it crashes when you push the spacebar? When you do that you see the completly map of the dmod but it will take a while for it is loaded. It looks that it crashes but it's not.

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