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Thread: Fair is fair so let's work on fairness with the forums shall we

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    Default Fair is fair so let's work on fairness with the forums shall we

    Now I tend to stay off the forums mostly cuz it never fails that something occurs that ruins my whole mood. This isn't meant to stir drama but to bring light to a constant unfair trend. Punishing certain people and not all! Don't show favoritism and treat all members equally. You want the boards to be all rainbows and butterflies then those that moderate them need to be consistent and fair in how they rule and not show favoritism to certain individuals and not be a Hypocrite when telling others how they should act or behave. You give respect to get respect plain and simple. And certain people shouldn't just "cry wolf" to get people in trouble when they insult people on the regular bases all the time day after day. Nor should that same person that "cried wolf" act like they're so innocent and think just by posting one single solitary thread so-called apologizing for the countless insults they made to others in hopes of getting sympathy. I don't buy it and highly doubt it was sincere but more a ploy to get "fans" to blindly back them up. Moderate with integrity and not moderate through emotions! The rules are the rules for a reason so that it's right there in black and white. Don't do something for one person and not all community members.

    That's my two cents. Happy playing and see you all in game!
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    Ok if you are you you can be you if you want this like you want you I you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bactobene View Post
    Ok if you are you you can be you if you want this like you want you I you
    More nonsense sentences
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