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Thread: Cloud Castle 2...Scarab.

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    Hi there,
    Can anyone please help me.
    I am playing Cloud Castle 2 and am currently in the dungeon beneath the library in the desert town.
    My problem is I cannot work out the puzzle of the fountain.
    Also do you do anything in the hatchery?
    I have read the fountain puzzle page and found the letters rcxy behind the dragons.Now what do I do.
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
    Thanks. Jenni.

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    i know this qs was posted quite some time back... but i thought i will juz reply for the benefit of others who may encounter the same problem nxt time..

    in the dungeon, there are 4 dragon statues (DS) near the fountain.
    first, go to the DS that say "Y" (i think is on the left of the fountain) and cut it once. next, go to the DS that say "R" (to the right of fountain) and cut it. lastly, walk to the north of the fountain and cut the DS that say "C" followed by the DS that say "X". remember to cut it!! i was stuck there for some time cause i onli "speak" to the DS

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    Default after killing kurt screen is locked

    hi can any one help me . i am playing cloud castle 2 after killing kurt my screen is locked tried many thing to get out of it .Please help me

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