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Thread: Evil Apprentice On Jewel Mountain

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    Hi ,
    Has anyone had the problem I am having with Stone of Balance.
    I am currently on Jewel Mountain about to get the red piece of stone but the evil apprentice and three ghosts are to be fought.
    Now the ghosts are easy but the evil apprentice says the stronger I am the stronger he is and I cannot beat him.
    He kills me if I continue to try and kill him.
    If anyone can give me help please do.

    Thanks: Jenni.

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    You must attack and kill fast. Kill the ghosts before 30 seconds. To kill the apprentice, hit him with everything you got. Make sure your Strength is at a high number. If the apprentice keeps killing you, you are not strong enough yet.
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    Actually the apprentice is really just as strong as Dink when Dink first enters the screen. So disarm you big powerful sword before you enter... let the cut scenes play, and then once the fight starts arm the sword and you will have the edge on the apprentice.
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