Through direct observation the past week or so, Alex has hacked the game, allowing him to erase his activity reports. His parlor visits don't show up on the Crime page - just all of a sudden a player is protected. The Rankings page will show him online (as in at Home) when he's really in the Cafe lurking. I have my suspicions that perhaps other activity, such as fires, alarms, Yangs, etc. are also being erased. I know of at least one other player he's also teaching these secretive ways, and suspect a couple others, as well as some players' secondary accounts.

Since observing the Crime page activity has a direct bearing on strategy decisions, or gaining hidden gold from unreported fire alarms, allowing some players to hide their activity is unfair. Alex insists that this is a valid strategy, not cheating. What do the rest of you players think? Should this be allowed to continue, or is Alex' winning streak now forever tainted? Can this loophole, available to only a select few, be fixed? Can the players engaging in such behavior be sanctioned or removed?