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    Okay, so I was roaming south of Windemer, (near the small island inside the small pond, which is 4 squares south and 1 square east of the save point) when I got stuck on the very east edge where the water and land meet. It took me a wile, but I finally figured out the only direction I could go was north. I walked north, and soon enough I was walking on the water, able to go anywhere there was water, but I couldn't go on any land but where I came form, and was able to get all the gold and stats that lies on a penninsula southeast of the guy who sells you herb boots. Do you know about this? The thing is though, I somehow ended up on the other side of the walls in the doungon where you save the man from the cast. I'm so confused... Please send me back a message soon letting me know I'm still sane.

    I would send you a pic but i dont own a camera...

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    sometimes in a while, i get that kind of glitch too. the last time i got a glitch on it was at the edge of the world where you go to the cliff, so i could go only on the hills or the trees.

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    i thought the walking on water glitch was really cool when i found it... but i got sick of it pretty quickly

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