Hellow guys! My game have completed.

My game download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s2fj97fycf5jwhy

I very very want to port this game to MacOS. It is money.()
Now just a clanlib1.0 to download, no lib for Mac to download, somebody could give me some advice?

I'm testing on various platforms.It's using Clanlib1.0(I begin this game at 2007!) , want port to MacOS.
I found a problem about fullscreen on laptop computer. On laptop computers, fullscreen is not full, it's have black border around orignal frame,It's just a laptop

setting problem? Some laptop computers will crash when I click FULLSCREEN function.And show it's "Runtime Error!"

Build Environment: win7 32; VS2010; AMD platforms. My Clanlib1.0 is a modify version(fix a ATI card driver bug).

details about this ATI driver bug information: