Ever since I saw DerpyDerp's Winged Boots, it reminded me of my Greek Mythology related suggestions.

So here they are:

Lightning Bolt - Just like Zeus, a handheld which could have a special mod, perhaps to shoot mini lightning bolts?

Winged Boots - Just like Hermes, these boots could add a double jump mod, but wouldn't be able to get you as high as Fairy/Angel Wings.

Cerberus's Curse - Just like Cerberus, this consumable would give you an extra two heads.

Trident - Just like Poseidon, a handheld Trident that has shells and seaweed as decoration.

Bow and Arrow - Just like Artemis, this Bow and Arrow would act just like the Heartbow, but shooting real arrows instead of hearts.

Shield - Just like Ares, this shield would act a line of line defense, giving the 'heavy' mod. This mod would make you heavier, but decrease your speed and jump height. (Good for PvP.)

*Adding more soon*

I hope you like at least one of these ideas, I've been thinking of them for a while now.