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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Some days, Some nights (Battlecry)
    Some live, Some die
    Some fight, Some bleed
    Sun up to Sun down
    Stand up and fight for what you believe in.
    Defeat your inner sin to reach your final destination.
    The one you've always dreamed of, when you were alive.
    Hell is not the right place for a hero,
    even for a Scummy one.

    DeLiXx1 - The second Hell

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    In the Kingdom of FABULOUSNESS!


    Can you bare the coldness? Fight through the blizzards? Well, this war needs YOU! The middle of Growtartica, there has been a outbreak of a civil war, the Blue Kings, Yellow Lords and the Red Vikings have been fighting in the war. Who will you be? Who will win? You decide!

    This world includes:
    • Amazing Snowy themed.
    • All the teams are equivalent! NONE has an exceed of abilities.
    • A Fun & Awesome world for everyone to enjoy!
    • Uses the Game Pack
    • Newbie Friendly!
    • A Unique World - Original
    • A Well Made World!
    • The world is P & Z Jammed!
    • Uses Block Glue!
    • A Lot of Time & Effort put into the world!
    • Fabulous signs waiting You to enjoy!

    [World Owned by PicksteR]

    Rendered picture :

    Screenshots of the world:


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    Wink Ia by Wrench

    Name:  Screenshot_2014-10-12-17-48-03.png
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Size:  1.01 MB
    WORLD IA is a jump map have 6 part!
    Here have tip about to go next part.
    Come and try this jump map and be funny!

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    Default ZombieCave '=Adventure/Story/ world For WOTD

    World has
    -P jammer only Cause i need zombies in world
    -Rainy machine
    -Cool Song

    - i wish i got Wotd

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    Quote Originally Posted by abram123 View Post

    I would like to nominate my world Unexploredplanet for World Of The Day. The world takes place in space and is an Adventure Pack world. The point of this world is that the player/Spaceman must find the Golden Idol to return home. He first must explore the mysterious planet in search of this Golden Idol. In his search he will come across Aliens, Lava, and Ice spikes that will stop him in his search.

    Attachment 52933


    I would like to nominate my world Insidious for world of the day. The world is a fire parkour and is created out of Evil Bricks, Black Rock Background, Lava Cubes, and Death spikes. The world represents evil, so I choose to use fire and dark colors to fit the world name. The world also has some music that will send shivers down your spine when you listen to it.

    Attachment 52934
    Congrats Abram.

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    I used to be someone, now I'm someone else.


    Quote Originally Posted by BLYoshi View Post
    Congrats Abram.
    You beat me to it ;-;
    IGN: SpookyTrisha

    Instagram: trishaxkris_gt - I post drawings daily/weekly! Send requests if you want. ( No anime )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    If you want Seth and Hamumu to add your world to the "Possible World of The Day List", just reply to this thread with the world name.

    We manually give WOTD so it's more than just achieving high rankings in /top.

    We base our decision on many factors, but roughly in this order:

    • Theme/originality (do NOT copy music!)
    • How FUN it is for a player (if it's just music or pixel art with nothing to do, that probably won't win anymore)
    • Good rankings/popularity help, as I look at all the ones in /top
    • If the owner is currently on (that way he/she can ban annoying people as it gets very crowded) - or at least has played recently
    • If the person has already won WOTD recently I'm less likely to give it (it can happen though..)
    • If half the world is undeveloped (like dirt or whatever) I'm less likely to give it
    • Worlds with controversial or possibly offensive subject matter won't win
    • Campaigning with broadcasts/forum posts does help, because it shows you're active in the game and your world is ready to be looked at. So if you have a old world that didn't get WOTD and deserves it, feel free to post about it again in the forums for a second look, it shows you'll be around to admin it if you win.
    • Slightly less likely to give it to mods as that looks sort of.. well, you know
    • Players who are currently taped/banned are not eligible to win

    What do you get when you win WOTD?

    • An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    • "WOTD winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    • You're added to the WOTD winner list in /top
    • RESPECT!

    Are choices aren't perfect and we do screw up... but we do our best!

    NOTE: Worlds that use tricks to get more Growtokens (like autoruns in a different world, or mazes in a different world before you can enter) probably won't win WOTD. If it's added right after winning, the award may be removed.
    Also, please don't private message/email us directly to look at your world. The best way to be noticed is to post in this thread and/or make a new thread about your world in this sub forum.

    NOTE: Please don't post your world to this thread more than once in three days

    NOTE: Please don't "nominate" posted worlds using alt accounts. "Nominations" don't actually help anything anyway, each world wins by its own merit

    NOTE: Don't block your world so people can't get in, it can't be wotd in that case. Worlds that have any shady practices in them won't win either. (Autoruns, selling other worlds that were name-squatted, etc)
    I would like to nominate my world for another WOTD.I did my best to make look cool and the music suits it right
    Check out my Facebook growtopian group:

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥LOVE♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    My Worlds:

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    Be polite, always be nice!
    Don't trust anyone! People's greed is massive.
    Have some question? I'd be happy to answer it just do /msg SB5 {Question}
    Don't want to get scammed? Visit my world RULESOFGROWTOPIA
    My Halloween Guide:
    That's it, Have nice day! ~SB5
    Check this song, it's awesome!

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    FLAGGER and it's description in "AppStore" version

    Copyright Applez Inc.
    2014 Applez

    Last edited by LyveWyre; 10-20-2014 at 12:58 AM.

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    ~Changed song to a more energetic warrior song ~Luffy fierce by One Piece

    ~Tweaked some parts of the world and fixed/improve stuff in game gen

    ~Added another castle!!

    Oldcastle the best castle themed world in Growtopia.
    The world consists of many different things. Amazing floating islands to travel
    and venture on. Amazing castle's to venture and battle around.
    100% noob friendly and able to get through easily.
    Some traps

    World is based on 3 castles and they each fight until one claims victory with
    the max points. Game generator is right by the door

    Name:  oldcastle.png
Views: 46
Size:  242.1 KB
    Ign: Twistoffate

    "It's a choice"

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    Behind you

    Default Tale please! We tried hard!

    Tale is a friendly adventure world. You don't need wings/jetpack and you don't have to figure much out.

    ~Zombie Jammed
    ~Punch Jammed
    ~Night Machine
    ~Over 150 Hedge blocks used.
    ~Highest Honors has been 3
    ~29 Events (That I am aware of) have happened here
    ~Great token world
    ~Great World Name!
    ~People come for no reason
    Please Help Us get WOTD seth! We tried really hard!

    Here Is the Render:
    Name:  tale.png
Views: 45
Size:  267.7 KB
    Last edited by LifeSupport; 10-16-2014 at 03:20 AM.

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    Default MAZE FOR WOTD!

    I'd like to nominate my world "MAZE" for WOTD! Really confusing maze! Check it out!
    Has awesome music too!
    IGN: STAR69
    Level 99 on May 18, 2015! [MAX LEVEL]
    Legendary Name on March 3, 2015; fourth person to get.
    Legendary Wings on March 26, 2015; fifth person to get.
    Legendary Dragon on April 18, 2015; ????? to get.
    Need help on anything? Ask me!
    If you're not getting the answer your looking for, email
    Instagram: star69_GTopia

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    Not Tellable

    Post FIERYFIRE For Wotd?

    In This World, There Are Story That You Being Brought By Devil To Hell And You Have To Escape Hell By Passing Through All Lavas That He Spawn To Prevent You Escape.
    To Prevent Punch And Zombie Infect, There Are Punch And Zombie Jammer.
    Parkour Is Possible Without Wings Or Anything So All Growtopian Should Be Able To Pass This Parkour.
    Here The Picture Of FIERYFIRE
    Attachment 53064
    Hope You Like It And Thank You For Reading
    Hi I'm EvilLight!
    Current Level: Level 64
    Private Message Me In Growtopia Or Forums If You Need Any Help.

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    🇹🇭🇪 🇱🇦🇳🇩 🇴🇫 🇹🇭🇪 🇫🇦🇧🇺🇱🇴🇺🇸 🇴🇳🇪.


    Don't think you're fabulous enough? Wanna learn how to become more fabulous? Then come right down to FABACADEMY! An amazing FABULOUS world for everyone to enjoy! Learn all about Fab Science to Fab Music! We have everything here that you need to know to become as fabulous as me! But there has been said, that there is a hidden classroom, that a guy in detention dug to, an UNDERGROUND CLASSROOM! No one knows what it teaches, or whats in it.. The Principle wont give any hints of whats down there, so you need to find out yourself! Get the key in the Principle's room and then get into detention and get to that room! Who knows what lies there?

    NOTE: The missing background in the 2 Blocks/Buildings are Notes.

    This world includes the following...
    • FABULOUS Music By GLaNCE!
    • A Nice, Well Done School World!
    • Parkour, for everyone to enjoy!
    • Uses the School Pack, to make the academy as "academy-like" as possible.
    • Uses unicorn blocks, that are so fabulous!
    • A Guide on how to become fabulous!
    • 2 Blocks - Block A & Block B
    • Short cuts to each classroom in each Block
    • The Carnival has came to FabAcademy! In celebration of the carnival event, I have made my own custom carnival!

    Here is a rendered picture of the world!
    Attachment 52905


    ~ Techy

    Here are 2 videos that were made at the OLD version of FabAcademy!
    Last edited by Techy; 10-18-2014 at 08:42 AM.
    Hello! I'm Techy!
    "Never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it - for what it could be."
    - Winston, from Overwatch

    WOTD Count: 21

    Visit MACHINE; a vending world.

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    The land of Music


    The bats flew around the night sky printing animatic shadows onto the ground..

    It's Halloween and it's time to go trick or treating! Set on an adventure to fill your empty bag up with candies! Meet all your neighbours, from Young to old, strange to funny people and accomplish the mission they give you to get awarded some candies!
    Visit GOTRICKORTREAT! A spooky/funny Halloween themed world including-

    -A spooky machine
    -Creepy music (I composed)
    -Super Duper Humourous storyline!
    -punch and zombie jammed
    -Several missions to accomplish
    -Find the hidden letters/numbers around the map!
    -Parkour (Possible for even people without wings)
    -A lot of characters (e.g. Bob, Bobiana, Bobana, Randomwitch and dead Santa)
    -Picking a path that leads to the correct ending
    -A VIP for people who finished the world
    -Why not have a practice of trick or treating before doing it in real life
    -A lot of time and effort used to build this world

    Specials thanks to: PikaPi, Maeby and Jennichu for helping with the world!

    Renderworld ~>>>>>Name:  gotrickortreat.png
Views: 43
Size:  379.1 KB<<<<<~ Renderworld

    Attachment 52967 Attachment 52968 Attachment 52969 Attachment 52972
    Ok that's all I'll explain! want to know more about the world? visit it now!


    I'm going to go trick or treating! Meet you there!!
    Hai There~
    I'm Dropster
    Check out my YouTube channel

    Growtopia anime artist
    Check my Instagram

    1. Upset
    2. SwEeTmAs
    3. Lastsecond
    4. Gotrickortreat
    5. SacredFire
    6. HiddenMemories
    7. Bee
    8. TheCupidsBow

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    Your nearest KFC

    Default WOTD?

    I'd like to nominate my own world: THEUNDERGROUNDS
    It's an adventure parkour that includes a house entrance maze, a sungate w/obelisks, music and a storyline. Here's a picture
    Name:  theundergrounds.png
Views: 38
Size:  359.9 KB

    Have a great day fellow growtopians!
    Don't mind me, just passing by. OR AM I? IGN is also FinPhoen.
    Feel free to msg me in-game. See ya!
    I, am Phoenix

    Thanks Lianngelic! (Chellea)

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    You are sad. The clock is going really fast, but its going backwards.
    Who did such a devilish thing? And why? The only thing you know you have to do is go save the world before it's too late. Go hero, show us what kind of GrowTopian you are. And who is that mysterious evil person that is trying to roll GrowTopia to dissapearance? Go find out, and save GrowTopia. You will be rewarded if you succeed to save us.

    World name: PARKOURHQ

    Can i get WOTD with your awesome support? Visit the world and support me please.

    Attachment 53101 << World render check it out! WOTD?!


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    Name:  wotdtry.png
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Size:  247.2 KB

    JUMPINTODARKNESS is a story world where the layout is uniquely made to fit the story.


    The story is simple. You awaken from your sleep.. Or did you? ... You are in a nightmare! Where a mysterious voice toys with your mind. Later in the story, the mysterious voice will give you 3 trials! If you are able to survive those trials, you will wake up from your nightmare.. Or will you? Well, It's up to you to know the twist of this world! My only clue is... You will know the awesome twist at the end of the world.

    The Three Trials:

    First Trial: Spiral Demon
    Your first trial will determine your patience and memory skill! You will need to pass through all spirals to get all the letters to form the password. Be careful though! Remember the order of each letter to input it correctly on the password door.

    Second Trial: Two-Headed Demon
    This trial is a parkour with 2 designs, a pretty unique layout for a parkour too!

    Final Trial: Spike Demon
    Who doesn't hate spikes? One touch and you're dead! This final trial will test your parkour skills, patience, and determination to wake up from the nightmare.


    PnZ Jammed
    Halloween Themed World
    Halloween Themed Story
    Halloween Themed Music
    A different type of layout for a world
    Proper rules are placed before starting story

    That's about it!
    Be the guiding light of people who are lost in the darkness.

    Wotd Counter: 13
    Collaborated Wotd Counter: 13

    Encountered a problem? Email

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    -Is it Wotd worthy?
    Yes, Cause it has a Unique story and world... In this world you will learn that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE

    -Cant the zombies infect me or punch me in death spikes?
    No, Cause it has a Z jammer and a P Jammer...

    -Can I get prizes if i finish the parkour?
    Yes, Its not a Scam world and I did not create this to for Growtoken but I still want to get WOTD xD

    I remake the world i hope you like it all doors are double checked...

    Render world:
    Name:  deserticprison.png
Views: 37
Size:  326.8 KB
    -Growtopia Name: 9Fifty
    -Level: 73

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    Default Games World By: VicTeM

    Hey guys!

    I made a new world called Games

    It haves Water Escape By Water and Venus Guy traps , Password Game With Egyptian Walls and Sand stones , Jungle Parkour With Green Wallpapers and Venus Guy Traps And more , Huge Maze With Black/Grey Wallpapers and Blocks , Ice Challenge By Ice Blocks and Windows and Cutaway blocks , With an Awesome Winner Rooms to reach there you have to clear.Password Game/Maze/Jungle Parkour/Ice Challenge.
    Hopefully wins a World of the day.


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