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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Aug 2014


    Join us celebrating this year Friendship Day!

    Hi Seth, I could like to nominate you one of my world for today WOTD. This world is kinda meaningful and special one for this occasion as it's a world to celebrate this year Friendship Day with all growtopians.

    Friendship Day begins on the 7th August this year. But then, it's still long before we celebrate it. For those who missed out celebrating this special days along with their friends, here's a good chance to celebrate too! Friends are always there for you, for us, whenever we needs help and many more quotes done by some players in game who I found it really attractive and true. Music is also done to fit the world theme as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Werkon View Post
    Join us celebrating this year Friendship Day!

    Hi Seth, I could like to nominate you one of my world for today WOTD. This world is kinda meaningful and special one for this occasion as it's a world to celebrate this year Friendship Day with all growtopians.

    Friendship Day begins on the 7th August this year. But then, it's still long before we celebrate it. For those who missed out celebrating this special days along with their friends, here's a good chance to celebrate too! Friends are always there for you, for us, whenever we needs help and many more quotes done by some players in game who I found it really attractive and true. Music is also done to fit the world theme as well.

    i nominate this
    - Graphic Designer -

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    Default First wotd,I nominate

    So I worked about 2days for this world
    ►PunchAnd Zombie jammer
    ►Night Machine.
    ►Story: You wake up and you want to know the city news and then you readed that Justin Bieber is lost
    Finder will get 50,000$.You want the money so bad, so you start finding him.
    Name:  sweks.png
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    So this world took about 2 and half day to build !
    ►Punch And Zombie jammer.
    ►Night Machine.
    ►Story: You spawn in a world and you found a castle whats alone.
    You readed in books that in old castle you can find treasure.You want to find the treasure in the castle and
    you start finding it.
    Name:  castlehunt.png
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    So this world took me about 2 days too.
    World has many troll spots with secret passages and more
    •Punch and zombie jammer
    •Secret passage trolls
    •Adventure items
    •Maze map
    •You want to get home and you have a maze to defeat and you are going to defeat it!
    You Find so much stuff whats rare!
    You must jump much and you are tired.In the end you find your home.
    •Noob friendly
    Name:  woodenmase.png
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    Psst if one world doesn't have jammers I can move them

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    - P and Z Jammers
    - Nice song
    - Adventure world.

    Here's the render:

    Attachment 115685
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    Hey guys, check out my world!

    Arctic Experience

    Is it too late for Winter? Or, is it too early? Come to Arctic Experience to ''experience'' once more the breezy winds from both poles in the globe! This is not an ordinary experience, you are about to seek adventure, excitement, and fear! You are going to visit the 2 powerful gems that hids the 2 mountain called Icy Mountain and the Rocky Mountain! Both mountains has a long cave on which the gems sleep. And on the final part of your adventure, you might feel a bit of strange winter magic!

    ~ Igloos for the VIP Room
    ~ 2 Enormous Mountains and Caves to venture
    ~ Deep Rocky Cave for the Password Game
    ~ A literally annoying song composed by tigerpoop
    ~ Facts about winter on the Stratus Clouds
    ~ Stranger Winter Magic (Portal Maze)
    ~ In-use of adventure items for more adventure
    ~ A Fruit-Bearing tree that bears a banana


    Name:  arcticexperience.png
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    I nominate this Easter World for fun! Bunny Barko was a leader of these bunnies all over the world. He was overthrowed by the council because they taught that Barko was a criminal of some sort. Barko has planned a paradise for bunnies, what the bunnies don't know that it's a trap! By defeating Barko's challenge, it will make Barko will sad and you'll make the Bunnies happy. There is a huge Magic Egg in the paradise, what shall it bring to the bunnies? Maybe, it's another plan of Barko. There's an incubator for the egg and probably, it'll hatch soon. (The incubator is intended to raise spleef events when the world got WOTD).

    Name:  easterparadise.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerpoop View Post
    Height doesn't say the length that you can reach. Grades doesn't measure your intelligence. Age doesn't define your maturity. A person cannot judge you unless they know you as much as your mother knows you.

    IGN: tigerpoop
    Level: 53

    Worlds by tigerpoop

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    WoT Blitz probably...or XBox or PS4

    Default TIPOFTHESPEAR by Boomer2

    My more serious run at my first WOTD is finally complete!

    Inspired by the Halo: Reach mission Tip of the Spear, you must enter an alien base and destroy two Anti-Aircraft guns so your fellow bombers can easily bomb the base without having to worry too much about getting shot down.


    Mars Blasted world (yay you can jump higher!)
    P/Z Jammed/Fire House
    Easy parkour (no wings required!)
    Drum music (won't get on your nerves like repetitive piano music)
    Moon shaped VIP room
    Password game (easy to find)
    Halo references galore


    I want to thank PYROWORLD for pushing me to get off my lazy ass and complete the world, TK69 for the Fire Escapes, and Techy for help with the Gateways to Adenture.

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    I travel in the TARDIS with The Doctor

    Default ARRIVE

    This amazing world is about crashing in an unknown place in your helicopter. The parkour is so fun for this world and the map his breathtaking. I hope you'll consider ARRIVE for WOTD. Thank you for your consideration.

    Name:  image.png
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    IGN: ColockGT
    Check out THEHARDESTMAZE in Growtopia!

    "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." -Milton Berle

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    The Story

    This tower was built since 27 september 1997. The tower is also known as long tower.
    One day a big wind storm surrounding the tower, and then people ran for cover. Shelters were crowded one this tower. When the tower is filled with crowds suddenly ...
    This tower is a bit shaken by the storm's winds. People began to panic and increasingly unable to be set.
    Tower was built for a long time already can not hold the people who are in and finally the tower was falling toward the water. In this incident many casualties. In a time not long sar team and other teams coming to this tower. Reporters from several TV stations also came to get the results they highlight.
    Until now the tower has not been cleaned up and become very dirty. At this time TOWERDESTROYED into the story very tragic and horrible.

    World Features

    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Night Weather Machine

    Name:  towerdestroyed.png
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    Sincerely hope to win the world of the day

    Thank you
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by jaegusong; 03-22-2016 at 09:35 AM. Reason: TOWERDESTROYED for WOTD

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    A world built in dedication to Hamumu and all the work he's done for us. The world features a unique combination of blocks, Innie Block and Painting: Yerfdog, which I'm pretty sure is the first time this has been done.

    Please, if you think this world is not worth WoTD, PM me and tell me how to improve.
    Your opinion is what matters, never be afraid to share it!


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    Default Egg!

    Wolrd name: AQUILAS
    Name:  image.png
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    What's in it:
    - 4 parkour area
    - quiz with 3 questions based on information in world
    - a VIP room
    - some special areas

    How the story goes:
    It's better if you read the story while doing it, but I will tell only a little bit.
    You have to help a bunny getting his egg, on your journey, you meet something...

    If there's anything inapropriate in the wolrd, please tell me and I will remove or change it
    Thank you

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    in yo face!

    Default BLURRNEY1

    I just finished the world, it's a parkour inspired by BLARNEY1 - Leprechaun Training Facility. It's pretty easy. And has some legit prizes! :-]
    I'm planning to make BLURRNEY2-BLURRNEY8 in the future, I have them just locked and Punch + Zombie Jammed. I hope I can win!
    You know, I've never tried to build any good parkours yet. This one is short, but yeah, it's fun since St. Putrick is still with us in BLURRNEY! :-]
    Please check it out. And yes, I am really active in Growtopia, I'm online almost every day for at least 1 hour. Thanks.
    - COUCU
    I'm COUCU! A 12 year old boy who loves programming, and, of course, Growtopia.
    Check out my parkour world: BLURRNEY1! BLURRNEY2-BLURRNEY8 Coming soon.

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    Nairobicity for WOTD!

    Attachment 115732
    IGN: H26

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    I Spent a long time Making Part 3 Of my StarBound Series! Since my last 2 StarBound worlds got so popular i decided to make part 3 and here it is!

    Some Back story: Once again you start a new quest at OutPost, this time you have to save a crew on GrowPlanet, They are stuck there and needs your help! I Spent a lot of time designing world and decorating so Seth, worth a try?

    And of course this world has Xenonite Crystal



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    Introducing the green, the mean, GREENLABYRINTH!

    Struggle through this maze as you encounter parkour, quizzes, fun facts, and more..... A creative storyline, amazing design, and hours of hardwork where all inserted in this awesome world!
    Story: you wake up with little memory of how you get there or how to get out of the green structure you are now in. You only have one simple memory, Get HOME. You encounter creative characters and NOOB friendly parkour! I hope you truly love the render!

    Extras: P&Z jammers, weather machine, Music! We called it ejrunnrremix!!!
    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  753.9 KB
    I like working, pizza, and also Agario!


    Subscribe to my YouTube channel!!JOJOBEAN HD

    My video of playing the world MODANOTH Below!

    Donate? Go to JOJOBEANHD!!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to GOOGLEMYNAME for this epic art!

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    Feb 2016


    adventure world by GlasialGT

    The Story

    A long time ago, people believed that inside the Glasial Cave there's a treasure which is located at the tower inside the cave. One day, there's a young man who tried to solve the myth. He passed all of the obtacles and finally, found the treasure which on the top of the tower. Then, he want back home and met his other friends who waited on the top of the cave.

    My render world

    Name:  bombas.png
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Size:  526.7 KB

    This world Include :
    -Punch and zombie jammer
    -Night weather
    -Nice parkour adventure

    Okay , thanks for reading hope my world get WOTD..... you will see how fun this world if you try yourself..............

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    Default SPIRALMADNESS, Are you dizzy yet?

    SPIRALMADNESS, Will make your head spin around!

    World contains:
    *Punch Jammer and a Zombie Jammer
    *A craaazy parkour!
    *Prizes! (Will be refilled everytime)
    *Tons of white and black blocks

    People love it because of the rage factor that makes them wanna continue and finish it!

    I hope I get a chance to win, thank you!

    Name:  spiralmadness.png
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    It gets bigger when you feed it your fears, think positive and live a happy life!

    Manager of Growtopia University!


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    I kinda felt legit game worlds are now dead. Most game worlds we see now are all almost have a fraud discription, random portals linked to other world, and the overrated darkness machine. So I made something unique and different from any game worlds. I used Air Ducts for the background because having no background or dark background is not really much appealing to the eyes. I also made a pixel art of every team on each corner of the world to serve as their team bases. I also made sure there are more space for the players to fight than inaccessible areas.

    Name:  image.png
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    IGN: SmashBlaster|Level: 86

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    Default WOTD?

    Hi , its me Mattyou and im here again for another WOTD entry !
    This is my world "GTPHILIPPINES"
    This world is a wiki world about the Philippines, you will learn new and interesting things about the Philippines.
    All countries are welcome here specially for the people who live in the Philippines.
    Now the world is inspired by Philippines' tourism, when you're on the world you can travel and enjoy the tourist destination of my country, you can take pictures on every destination and post it on forums.
    World destinations:
    Banaue Rice terraces
    Bohol, Chocolate hills
    Puerto Princesa,Underground river
    Luneta park

    Punch jammer ( to avoid being disturbed while exploring the world! )
    Zombie jammer ( of course we don't want being infected, makes you slower and jump low | )
    Fire house ( to avoid fires that hurt us )
    "Lupang Hinirang" song made by :Mattyou -This song is the national anthem of the Philippines ( this song is very rare for us because its only few in the game)
    Philippine flag pixel art
    Map of the Philippines pixel art - that lets you go to the other selected places here in the Philippines
    4 selected beautiful places
    National symbols
    And last is signs|! where the amazing facts and informations are written that will make you WOW!
    Why dont we take a rest first enough parkours/adventures for a day RELAX AND ENJOY!

    Visit this world for an unforgettable adventure and realistic design!
    Its been more than 3 months since im posting this world in forums isnt it WOTD worthy?
    Name:  gtphilippines.png
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Size:  370.4 KB

    SPIRALMADNESS, Will make your head spin around!

    World contains:
    *Punch Jammer and a Zombie Jammer
    *A craaazy parkour!
    *Prizes! (Will be refilled everytime)
    *Tons of white and black blocks
    People love it because of the rage factor that makes them wanna continue and finish it!

    Name:  spiralmadness.png
Views: 80
Size:  176.4 KB

    LastName:  youngjump.png
Views: 81
Size:  229.8 KB

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    I'd like to suggest a few worlds of mine


    Experimentaly is a adventure world in which you work as scientist, who has to test the teleporter you helped develop. Before you can test the teleporter you see a lot of cool inventions and pther scientists to talk with.


    The world is an adventure world about an old man who hates everyone and everything until he has a bad accident in which he almost died. His heart almost stopped beating that's why the doctors implanted an heart of the tiger. His life changes drastically after the surgery, he becomes a way nicer human, because his heart is bigger now.


    My my newest world DEFIES is finished. The world is adventure world about a son who keeps defying his mom. After another dipsute with her he decides to leave home to run into a dark forest. He meets a strange person who will changes his life completly.
    Special thanks to TrishaxKris who build the third collaboration world with me, she made up the story and helped me with the design! She's a very creative person.
    Another thank you to my sister badamtss for transcribing her first song in my world. It's amazing considering it's the first song she ever made in growtopia.

    I've finally finished my new main world, FREDI. The world displays every world I've built during my journey through the growtopia universe, it features some holiday and specific themed rooms which display my items and achievments. I tried to design something special in my main world since it's a world I'll be in pretty often, I made some references to my old worlds and a trophyception in which the trophies are displayed in 2 huge trophy pixel arts, the trophy pixel arts are supposed to be the towers of the palace, which is a pixel art of the taj mahal, as well.
    You can try to find the 4 adventure items in order to get to the holiday rooms, you can explore the world reading the signs or you can just hangout there and relax. Hopefully you'll like and enjoy the world.


    I've built the world initially for CREAMTNT but he sold the original world name and gave me the old design. I've decided to update the world a little and to change it's name to FORTFIGHT. It's a game world in which you need to attack and defend bases/castles. You can also kill the kraken which is a huge monste pixel art, to kill it you need to destroy it's game blocks whiczbare located in the head. You can also use the forest to hide behind foliages to attack from ambush or you use the sewer as fighting zone.

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    Awesome main world for SillySnake and qmam.
    World has jammers, song ("Carmen Overture" G.Bizet without "Toreador March")
    Adventure- Parkour, Obelisk, ... .

    Attachment 115237


    Perfect for 17th march St Patricks day!

    Attachment 115238

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