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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Default STEAMYLAND for WOTD! (Notice me Seth-Pai, like, really notice me..)

    Story :
    The story remains the same..
    You're drunk.
    You're lost.
    You need to get the hell out from SteamyLand.
    You find a zeppelin that could take you to GTown.
    The Zeppelin is broken.
    You need to find a gear to fix it.
    Your adventure begin.
    Features :
    - Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    - Spooky weather machines.
    - Song (by SammyNunez)
    - No Autorun
    - Prize (sometimes)
    Render :
    Name:  steamyland (2).png
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    Default CRINGECAVE for WOTD

    Alright, so I haven't gotten WOTD in like 7months now, so I decided that this is my time. CRINGECAVE is a cave world.. obviously, its welldesigned and fun, and a long world with alot of gameplay and fun mazes and puzzles! Since renders doesn't work, ill post some pics here..

    Story: This is the Grow Mine Facility where you dig for gems all day, its a public mine for anyone to enter, but as the digging started today, the cave collapsed and everyone inside it got stuck! Your goal is to get in there and take out the survivors before they starve to death! There's alot of dangers and mazes you have to go through to find your way in and out so be sure to bring some equipment to get there! Recommending to use flashlight but no need, Everything is possible without wings or flashlight

    World includes:

    New Pack ofc
    And probably a lot more that I forgot :P

    Alright, to finish this real quick ill show some pics and then let you Seth decide , Maybe check the world out? its pretty cool in my opinion! And hey, this update is probably best update so far! Game changing for sure!



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    Default SCHOOLWEEK by Edmush! (WOTD)

    Good morning, growtopians!
    I would like to showcase my world "SCHOOLWEEK" for WOTD!

    Since there are not really many School WOTDs in Growtopia, I've decided to build this to nominate for WOTD!
    Your objectives is to get all the 5 Adventure Items to access to the rooftop, somehow the Rooftop is locked by someone that we don't know and your adventure begins!


    World Features:

    • Punch and Zombie Jammed!

    • Classrooms!

    • Surgery Room!

    • Staff Room!

    • Party/Disco Room!

    • Rocking Concert Band!

    • Small aquarium with chill/relax room!

    • Cloud Parkour! (Newbie-friendly)

    • "I'm coming home" music made by me (Edmush)

    • Swimming pool!

    • Grow Theatre!

    • Restaurant!

    • Lots of effort and time!

    And more features for you to discover!

    Happy weekend growtopians!
    IGN: Edmush (Level 64)

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    In this world you will find facts about cinco de mayo
    Find adventure items and do some more cool stuff !
    World features
    Pixel art- Ultra pinata
    Song- Mexican hat dance made by DynPlaysGt
    Weather-Party weather machine
    P & Z jammers
    Adventure items
    Sungate and obellisks
    Fire protection
    Name:  fstd2.png
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    By the way the blocks in the spawn are invisible i dont know why they are the new blocks from Cinco de mayo
    Credits to DynPlaysGT

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    Default OK LAST CHANCE well perhaps cincos done so IDK

    [B]Cincoish! A world intended for the Cinco De Mayo CELEBRATION!
    So the world is technically full of CHURROS!

    World Includes:
    - Story
    - P & Z Jammers
    - Night Weather Machine
    - A lot of CHURROS!
    - More Cinco stuff!

    World also offers:
    - Reasonable Parkour
    - Items of any kind are nit necessary!

    That's about all of it! Happy Cinco De mayo (well almost)
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    - Patrick (SpongeBob)

    IGN: MightyBark

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    Default DREADFULDREAMS-The Dimension of nightmares

    Heya! I'm back with another world of mine. this is DREADFULDREAMS
    A world full of floating void islands with tons of spikes. Parkourers out there you know what to do. *wink*

    ~The world consists of the following~
    ~Wierd floating islands
    ~A soundtrack to fit in with the world
    ~A story I invented in my dreams {literally.}

    The player, You, Woke up in a dimension of nightmares. As you try to venture deeper the world will trial you will all your might.
    Will you make it til the end?

    Here's the render!Name:  dreadfuldreams.png
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    P.S I added a few things on the world.
    Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action.

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    Default Swamplands for WOTD!

    I would like to nominate my world SWAMPLANDS!
    You're a diver,named Ryan, who has lost his turtle. Then you saw a letter: the Swamper has stolen your turtle! To get it back, you have to pay ransom. But you don't want that, so you search the Swamper. You have to go through dark caves, dangerous passages and eventually the hell to get him back. But it's not that easy: Due to paint and secret doors, the items are very well hidden...

    -possible without wings/air robs/nado
    -a big turtle pixelart
    -p,z jammer & night weather & song
    -funny storyline

    Difficulty:medium, 10-20 minutes

    PS: I Used some dark cave backgr and cave dirt so i put an old render&a screenshot of it
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    Default 99players

    Name:  99players.png
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    Hi guys,this is my fst made world,hope you enjoin
    Me:I'm so bored
    Father:Hi child,i will send you to...

    World include:
    -punch and zombie jammer,fire house...
    -nature things like mountain,sea,growtopia trees...
    -5 places waiting you to explore...
    -newbie or (no have wings) can play...

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    Thumbs up Is JadeCave Good enough to be WOTD?

    World Name: JADECAVE
    Objective: Find all letters to win the challange.
    - P and Z jammer
    - Dark Cave Background (no torch, more challanging!)
    - With prize!

    Song: Five Night At Freedy 4 - Break My Dream

    World Render:

    Name:  jadecave.png
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Size:  372.3 KB

    Note: It looks like griefed but not! Just render glitch! Come to world to solve the password!
    Fun Fact: First Cave world with song!
    Subscribe My Youtube Channel! Vrlz GT

    My Goals:

    Also Visit In Growtopia!

    IGN: Vrlz

    Instagram: vrlz_gt

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    Hello everyone !

    I am hoping to get my first WOTD with this world, CaveSoul. The name comes from the storyline, you are a miner and you are using heavy machines ( which you can see in the picture below and in the world ) to excavate a scared Aztec cave and this leads to alot of problems, like deseases, destruction and more because you are destroying a God's sacred cave ( the God being the Soul of the Cave). By completing this parkour/puzzle/mindgames/memory map you will try to save yourself and the other miners.

    World features:

    - Complete Set of Jammers;
    - Weather machine to mask the holes;
    - Mind games;
    - Parkour;
    - Puzzles;
    - Torches everywhere so everyone can enjoy it;
    - A realistic steam based mining drill;
    - Great design;
    - Amazing storyline and much more.

    Render: Attachment 121944

    Some pictures:Attachment 121946

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    im not as think as you drunk i am

    Default Equestrian- by none other than I

    Race world completed almost 2 years ago, this world deserves it :(

    Takes around 4-7 minutes to complete and has all the necessities
    Enough with the horse puns ok

    who knew a horse could be so gay for brendon urie

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    Hey, here is part two of candy valley series! ^^

    Candy Valley 2

    Name:  candyvalley2.png
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    The story brings you on another part of the valley during the Christmas holidays. The Royal ship brings you to the centre of the kingdom, where, for the first time, you meet the ruler of this sweet kingdom.
    However, it is not a simple touristic visit since you have a quest. The princess wants you to stop Santa's evil brother, who is trying to melt the north pole to put the Christmas holidays to an halt.
    Do you have what it take to stop him?

    The world contains Punch jammer, zombie jammer, a song and a story, as well as a part where you logically use adventure items to get out of the situation.

    Hope you like it ^^
    I'm your Hero!

    My country: Mauritius
    Username: Vaillant

    Relax to play. Play to relax.
    Feel the game!

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    Default FREEWLSQUICKLY and GAMERNIGHTS are my worlds that may deserve WOTD. Ty for reading.


    My worlds that may deserve WOTD are FREEWLSQUICKLY and GAMERNIGHTS. Thanks for reading.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FocusedGuys View Post

    My worlds that may deserve WOTD are FREEWLSQUICKLY and GAMERNIGHTS. Thanks for reading.


    Yo FocusedGuys !

    Your worlds look nice indeed. But they are minigame worlds, are they are very common, to get World of The Day you need to be original, to come up with something new. Also another tip would be to clear the entire world first. Also you should give a short description and a render of the world.

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    Default Rerun Wotd Attempt @2

    RERUN is all about testing the competitors ability to scale the same parkour they have just done. But, not exactly the same.. They will first be faced with the parkour, From top to bottom. Then Bottom to top. T The world IS possible.. As people have taken huge prizes I have set.. As people progress through the levels. The levels get longer. Because the circles get bigger. look at the photo for more understanding...(Render)

    Name:  rerun.png
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    How Does Helping someone make you feel

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    Default SANDCASTLECHAOS by Chrystiano

    Features - a song, Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer and everything a world needs.

    This world has been released for people to enjoy, to try their parkour skills, password door questions, adventure themed.

    Name:  sandcastlechaos.png
Views: 72
Size:  389.8 KB

    Thank ya for reading.

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    Wink Standby for (WOTD)

    Standby is Cave Blasted World with Darkmaze and PvP area....
    Hope you visit and check World
    Name:  standby.png
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Size:  242.3 KB
    IGN : yPro / Main World : yPro
    Current Level : LvL 95 /
    Time played : 4255 + Hours / Account Created : 660 Days ago
    Legendary Ques Status : / Dragon Of Legend (Done)

    Pls. visit & support yPro to keep it Growing

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    Default CAVEOFDARK For World of the Day

    World Name : CAVEOFDARK
    Type World : Parkour
    Feature :
    • P and Z Jammer
    • Fire House
    • Weather Machine : Night

    Difficult : Easy ( So new player can play )
    Story theme : Spelunk on Cinco de mayo week
    Story :
    Once upon a time, in Growtopia Village growtopian wanna celebrate Cinco De Mayo. But they have problem with their Economy. So they need some money to hold a party. At night of Cinco de Mayo, there is an earthquake. Growtopian surprised with a magical cave appear in Growtopia. They also got mail from The Ancient Ones, They said "Inside the cave, There is Treasure. Go enjoy the treasure. -Ancient ones" So growtopian can celebrate it. But growtopian need to explore cave.

    Render And Screenshot :

    Screenshots :

    Sorry bad grammar
    Thanks , BunnyPuffy
    Be Different
    Click On Image
    Visit My Main World "BunnyPuffy"

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    I would like to nominate TheGrimRun2 for the next WOTD.

    I decided to make a sequel of TheGrimRun since the first one had a lot of comments to make a second one.

    Name:  image.png
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    The story, you are trapped in planet GrimRun and you must return back home. Inorder to get back home you need to pass many difficult challenges to get to the Old Blue Rocket.

    What this world has:
    - Amazing Parkour and scenery.
    - Composed ThermoTastic music by Thermo
    - A story line
    - Different types of Quests like, Finding the Key, working together and activating a Sungate, finding the hidden letters to open the password door, and SO MUCH MORE TO EXPLORE!

    Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy this world.


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    Default CAVERMAZE for WOTD?

    Check out my new world CaverMaze!
    The world consists of many new features added to GrowTopia!
    Also the world has a brand new twist to parkour! Dark, Damp caves!
    Thanks for checking it out!
    If I get WOTD on this world ill cry!

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