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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Wanna play Hide and Seek? Enter this world to try it now!

    World is free of punches, zombies. Have fun and enjoy the game!

    Render is here:
    Long gone...

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    Thumbs up WANDARFUL

    Name:  wandarful.png
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    Welcome to Wanda's wandarful world!

    The good witch, Wanda, needs your help! She lost her key to her chambers and thus can't feed her puppy, Wiggles.

    You wouldn't want Wiggles to starve, would you?

    * World's theme is a combination of Cinco de Mayo and Cave update.
    * The background of the Owl named Hootsy is Dark Cave background. It doesn't show on the render. Same goes for the other items from the new update. I am using a Night Machine so it'll look good on render.
    * The Festive Banner is used for the first rectangle below but it's not appearing on render too.
    * The dark areas, the owl part, is possible even without using torches or the like, because of the torches and aqua cave crystals.
    * Wondering why the place is cinco de mayo themed? Ask Wanda!

    World Features:
    * Complete Jammers.
    * Firehouse
    * Xenonite Crystal so even if you don't have wings or air robinsons, you can still enjoy the world.
    * Beautiful, original pixel art of a Cinco de Mayo Owl with a mustache! And another original cactus pixel art too.
    * Cave update items were also used to enhance the world!
    * A simple adventure world with a shocking plot twist at the end! muhahaha

    So... will you help Wanda?
    IGN: Bretz

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    Default MEXICO for WOTD Cinco De Mayo

    Viva México! Viva la fiesta! Welcome to MEXICO its time for Cinco De Mayo! So much fun is wating there! The whole world is parkours, games, and an adventure that begins as you go through the white door, a book lays open telling the story that begins your tour of the world!

    Name:  mexico.png
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    A young boy and his mom are getting ready for their celebration she asks him to get a pinata, candy, and prizes to go in the pinata. He needs our help so pick up your adventure item as you walk along the path. Pick up candies and items from all the parkours. Have your umbrellas and boots ready, theres lava and water parkours, sand and jungles too! Stay and talk to friends, dance to the unique song el mariachi loco made by ladywarrior for the world, theres everything to love about this world! Come celebrate!!

    World includes:
    - El Mariachi Loco song (By LadyWarrior) just one in the game
    - Nothigness Weather Machine
    - Zombie and Punch jammers
    - Fire House
    - Cool Story
    - Parkours and adventure items
    - Pixel arts

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    Default SCHOOLWEEK by Edmush! (WOTD)

    Good morning, growtopians!
    I would like to showcase my world "SCHOOLWEEK" for WOTD!

    Since there are not really many School WOTDs in Growtopia, I've decided to build this to nominate for WOTD!
    Your objectives is to get all the 5 Adventure Items to access to the rooftop, somehow the Rooftop is locked by someone that we don't know and your adventure begins!


    World Features:

    • Punch and Zombie Jammed!

    • Classrooms!

    • Surgery Room!

    • Staff Room!

    • Party/Disco Room!

    • Rocking Concert Band!

    • Small aquarium with chill/relax room!

    • Cloud Parkour! (Newbie-friendly)

    • "I'm coming home" music made by me (Edmush)

    • Swimming pool!

    • Grow Theatre!

    • Restaurant!

    • Lots of effort and time!

    And more features for you to discover!

    Happy weekend growtopians!
    IGN: Edmush (Level 64)

    SPONSORED ITEM [THE GUNGNIR] -> Pineapple Update : xAzureHKF, ZeroRarity and CoffeeGuy!

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    REDDISCOVERY - A collaboration between Mehhyman and Zipperton.
    Your mission is to explore what lies beneath Martian surface and dig out what you can find. BUT. Before you think it's another boring adventure, I'll tell you you're wrong.
    Why? Well, mostly because the world has new Dark Cave Backgrounds which will bother you so much that you'll actually rage. The parkour itself isn't hard if you have enough items that emit light but you're not supposed to wear them at all, in fact. That's the thing which will bring you interest.
    Oh, and... before you say it's short, please don't. It's not short if you're not really good at parkouring. Most of Growtopians don't know how to parkour, that's why it's dedicated to new players, specifically. Thanks.
    Name:  reddiscovery.png
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    Growtopia IGN: Zipperton
    Tanked IGN: Zippie

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    Default Its Still Cinco tomorrow?? If yes i wanna nominate again

    World Name : CAVEOFDARK
    Type World : Parkour
    Feature :
    • P and Z Jammer
    • Fire House
    • Weather Machine : Night

    Difficult : Easy ( So new player can play )
    Story theme : Spelunk on Cinco de mayo week
    Story :
    Once upon a time, in Growtopia Village growtopian wanna celebrate Cinco De Mayo. But they have problem with their Economy. So they need some money to hold a party. At night of Cinco de Mayo, there is an earthquake. Growtopian surprised with a magical cave appear in Growtopia. They also got mail from The Ancient Ones, They said "Inside the cave, There is Treasure. Go enjoy the treasure. -Ancient ones" So growtopian can celebrate it. But growtopian need to explore cave.

    Render And Screenshot :

    Screenshots :

    Sorry bad grammar
    Thanks , BunnyPuffy
    Be Different
    Click On Image
    Visit My Main World "BunnyPuffy"

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    Default WILL IT WOTD?

    Hello To Day I Will Present A World Of Mine Called MUNOTHRYS. I Would Like To See If It Will Be A WOTD. So The World Is About Adventuring Through The Underworld To Heaven Where You Meet Zeus, Hera, Hades, And Ares. First You Start In Tartarus Then To The Underworld, Next To Poseidon's Domain Then Gaia And Lastly To Heaven.
    Name:  Mty.png
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    P And Z Jammers.
    Something To Do.
    -But No Song Sorry....

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    Thumbs up Mammification

    Name:  mammification (5).png
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    Welcome to marvelous Mammification world!
    The story of this world,some one has been trapped in a Egyptian pyramid
    So you will need to collect the necessary letters to make him escape from the pyramid
    If you have the right attitude then you will need get those out
    Use better skills and minds to solve the puzzles
    Are you ready? We'll see it!Good luck and have fun!

    *World theme is about Egyptians and Mummies with cave update.
    *The background of the AGH! word were used cave backgrounds and other cave items,but it doesn't show in render

    World Features:
    *Complete jammers
    *Creative Pixel of a Mummy and a Pyramid and original Egyptian mansion
    *Cave update items were used
    *Cool Adventure world
    * Shoking fun facts and trivia

    [Escape] Egypt Pyramid-Can you Escape before Dawn?

    ATMS COUNT=(4926/5000)

    WOTDs count:

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    Default YoshiJungle for WOTD

    My world: YoshiJungle.
    In this world, there is a trade zone, a parkour and a beautiful pixel art of Yoshi with his egg. All of these cubes have been spliced except the hedge, password door, bulletin board and flower check point. The Parkour can be finish by everybody: without wings, without air rob, people who don't have many time...
    This world has also Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and a fire house.

    Name:  yoshijungle.png
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    Thumbs up Applying For WOTD

    My world name is Booooworld. I hope that my world can get a wotd because i really love growtopia
    It has pz jammer and a firehouse xD
    Please feel free to visit my worldddddd

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    Default SWORDCAVE


    Dear Growtopia Master, i made a world that i think can be WOTD.
    Can you see it ? The World's Name is : "SWORDCAVE".
    Owner Name : MUCIKARI [ME].
    This is the render of my world

    i dont know why this world if rendered isnt fully, HOPE u can see my world First.

    The world tells the story of a man's who wants to get a legendary sword
    he tried to get into the cave , and until he was trapped in a cave to not be able to get out .
    and finally he got what he wanted legendary sword.

    I Hope i Will get my first WOTD.
    OK Thats all, Thanks for making the greatest Game Ever

    Renderworld needs update, cause that world is full of Dirt Cave and Dark Cave, and it doesnt show on it.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default GETFOREST For WOTD? !!

    I would like to showcase my world (GetForest) It is a adventure parkour with all of the adventure items with a Story too!

    (STORY) is about a kid 7 years old.
    "One time" He saw in his dream that he catches a chest from the deep sea, he wanted to open the chest but on that time came a monster with one red and one black eye. And he woke up! The rest of the story is in getforest!! 😀

    Name:  getforest.png
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    Default This is my world

    My world is growtopiabeach but because I did have not been on for a while so my world is not famous I was just wondering if my world cam become word ?

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    Once upon a time... There was a Peaceful Village.. Until ONE DAY, from out of the haunted cave came.. THE DEVIL. He destroyed the Village and left it no mercy.. Nobody knows why he is haunting the village. But that was a long time ago. Evveryone has abondoned this place. Except for YOU. Curiosity and bravery gets the better of you. You decide to explore this haunted area. But there is one question.. only you can answer it.. Are YOU brave enough to stand up to the Devil Of Haunted Woods?

    Renderworld needs update, cause that world is full of cave rock, and it doesnt show on it.

    Name:  skyforest.png
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    Who will win ? Blue or red?

    Summer themed game world :3

    Name:  summer.png
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    Oh yes! The world is finally done! After some lazy weeks, I decided to finish it today! The world is the best one I have ever made in GT I think... Okay, now there's what is it about:

    The world is about Growtopia's Etiquette, fully based on Jens' thread about it. Credits to Jens! (He gave me the permission to use his tips). These tips were so good that I just felt like I needed to do a world like this! The world has 2 sides - dos and don'ts -what to do and what not to do. You need to finish both sides if you want to complete the world. You have to collect 2 different adventure items, find a way out from the maze, and voila - you're in the huge luxurious palace! There are a lot of people who needs to learn these tips! It should be WOTD for sure (atleast in my opinion)!

    Render doesn't look as awesome as the world is (due to invisibility of cave items):

    Oh, there is also something to do for people who are good at riddles (it's ridiculously hard, tho)! 50 World Locks prize for someone who will solve it! Good Luck! (You don't need to leave the world to get the code).
    IGN: MrDevil | Level: 69 | Achievements: 90/100

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    Why do you want to know this information..?


    I have a few worlds I am in the mood to nominate.


    LivingStone is based on the plot of the episode "Blink" in Doctor Who where the doctor is trapped in the past without his time machine and weeping angels are trying to open his tardis for energy (loved that episode with David Tennant).
    While you are trapped in your home at dark there are bigger threats lurking.

    Using information given and the surroundings in your house, you must predict the movements of the weeping angels without messing up.. I was working on this world about a month before the cave update but, the new blocks were so perfect I had to use them in the world. This world is different from most worlds and makes the players use their senses also think in situations.

    Name:  livingstone.png
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    When the city is put into danger from a scientific threat, YOU must decide what the right choices are to save everyone's lives! I am beyond excited to announce the world Protonics! This is a decision making world where you are offered with many different choices that will affect your story depending on which ones you choose.
    And while the world may look small.. I didn't mention the fact that with all different choices you can make, there are in total 13 different endings! I spent so much time to make this as interactive and interested with player's thoughts as I could.

    The players get to decide what they want to do based on their emotions!

    Name:  protonics.png
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Size:  414.6 KB

    These worlds have both jammers and a firehouse.
    Hi I'm BrayBrick225 a large growtopia fan and builder!

    7 WOTDs SlendermanGame, Questiers, StrangeLuck, SuperHostile, Creepier, DownSideTown, SilentWinds

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    Celebrate this coming Parent's Day 2016!

    Happy Mother's Day to every mothers out there! Today where it's finally arrive, 2016!

    Hi Seth, I would like to bring you a new world I had completed few days ago. This world is for all parents out there a Happy Parents' Day! I used the world name called ILOVEYOUPARENTS that actually means, I Love You, Father and Mother.

    Peew! For this and the next month, it's a really meaningful and special day for all parents out there. It's the Mother's Day on the May and the Father's Day on the June! This world I had actually got a few of some players out there quote on What is Father's and Mother's Day means to them! Special nice music has been added for this special theme this year!

    Do check it out Seth! Hope to win during this Mother's Day and let players out there realised that these special days are coming!

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    Default Mamasday

    Mamasday is a pixel art parkour world that I've made dedicated to my GT family for mothering Sunday (mothers day).
    The castle is the only hard bit of the parkour but has some nice signs to read.
    I made this world back in March as in England Mother's Day is in March.
    It features original pixel art made by myself with a parkour inside.
    The pixel art is frozen at the start because the kids love frozen and the two pixel art children are my real daughters as growtopians.

    World has song and all jammers.
    Name:  mamasday.png
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Size:  279.4 KB
    Mama Fei - 666Fei666
    Instagram: Kitty.Fei
    Kik: hellokittyfei
    Level: 52

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    Yo guys !

    I made this world called CaveSoul. Where does the name come from? Well it has to do with the story. You are part of a miner crew and you are excavating an Aztec Sacred area using a steam powered mining drill. However, digging in this sacred area was an offense to the Aztec Gods, so deseases and destruction appeared. You are sent to achieve forgivness and in your adventure you encounter mind games, puzzles, parkour, Aztecs and much more.
    Here are the pictures:

    Also I have fixed the background issue for the copper pipes and the entrance is way nicer than in the last picture.

    - Complete Set of Jammers;
    - Torches everywhere so you don't have to buy anything;
    - Mind games;
    - Parkour;
    - Puzzles;
    - Great story;
    - The parkour is not very hard;

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