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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Viva México! Viva la fiesta! Welcome to MEXICO its time for Cinco De Mayo! So much fun is wating there! The whole world is parkours, games, and an adventure that begins as you go through the white door, a book lays open telling the story that begins your tour of the world!

    Name:  mexico.png
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    A young boy and his mom are getting ready for their celebration she asks him to get a pinata, candy, and prizes to go in the pinata. He needs our help so pick up your adventure item as you walk along the path. Pick up candies and items from all the parkours. Have your umbrellas and boots ready, theres lava and water parkours, sand and jungles too! Stay and talk to friends, dance to the unique song el mariachi loco made by ladywarrior for the world, theres everything to love about this world! Come celebrate!!

    World includes:
    - El Mariachi Loco song (By LadyWarrior) just one in the game
    - Nothigness Weather Machine
    - Zombie and Punch jammers
    - Fire House
    - Cool Story
    - Parkours and adventure items
    - Pixel arts

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    Celebrate this coming Parent's Day 2016!

    Happy Mother's Day to every mothers out there! Today where it's finally arrive, 2016!

    Hi Seth, I would like to bring you a new world I had completed few days ago. This world is for all parents out there a Happy Parents' Day! I used the world name called ILOVEYOUPARENTS that actually means, I Love You, Father and Mother.

    Peew! For this and the next month, it's a really meaningful and special day for all parents out there. It's the Mother's Day on the May and the Father's Day on the June! This world I had actually got a few of some players out there quote on What is Father's and Mother's Day means to them! Special nice music has been added for this special theme this year!

    Do check it out Seth! Hope to win during this Mother's Day and let players out there realised that these special days are coming!

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    Default DarknessJumps

    World Name : Darknessjumps
    Type World : Parkour
    Feature :
    P and Z Jammer
    Weather Machine : nothingness
    Difficult : Easy ( So new player can play )

    Story : the world tells the story of a man's who fall down in a cave and he trapped and he try to get out , but there was a ghost who scam people and try to kill the man's, but the man defend himself and kill the ghost , and finally he got the treasure and win and get out

    there is more than 250aqua crystals but the render not show please fix it master Seth

    Render And Screenshot :Name:  darknessjumps-1.png
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    Default 6th World Of The Day?

    Hey! This is my newest World i made 2016's Cinco De Mayo!
    You are on a boring trip through the World. Speaker: To the right, we can see Mexico! You realize, it's a nice country... Beatiful cactus, deserts... JUMP! You fall down on a stranger's house and you start to interact with him. He tells you it's a big event here in mexico! It's called ''Cinco De Mayo'' which means The 5Th May in English! He show's you through the Beautiful Town. You've had an Amazing time and is already starting of thinking about 2017's Cinco De Mayo! I'll have to visit next year!
    Render: Name:  image.jpeg
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    Hope you liked the World!

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    hm... I present to you, MODERNCINCO!
    This world basically portray that the fiestas/events in future are dead due to technology. (Which is horrible!)
    Story: You intentionally grind yourself into a time machine then accidentally went to future, May 5, 2058 to be exact. You must gain some information about the future life, afterwards find a way to escape the madness.

    1. Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    2. Firehouse
    3. Adventure! They let growtopians think logically.
    4. Parkour; Easy.
    5. Last but not the least, FUN!

    Here's the render,
    Name:  moderncinco-2.png
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    PS: sadly, the Festive Banners aren't showed in render.
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    Default THEHELLRACE!

    Meep! SADDLE UP ! Its time for the hell race! Get your horses ready to race with others!
    Its same as KYDERBY world the theme is hell. I made the map couse I saw that @Aimster is doing derby event
    so there was race worlds.
    Story: You know its derby day and theres an hell race. You call @Aimster to borrow her fire horse to win the race.
    Aimster is okay with that. You start the race with other racers. Thanks for the fire horse you are leading the race.
    You end the race and you are the derby hell race winner! There are top 3 racers and everyone celebreat the win for you.
    World has Punch and Zombie jammers and a night machine, logo of HELL RACE. I hope you like the world - MarekEST & Cukey
    Render: Name:  thehellrace.png
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    My Best item in growtopia is
    IGN: Cukey
    Wotd: 0/1

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    Default 💎 GTEtiquette By MrDevil 💎

    Let's learn about Growtopia's Etiquette!

    Have you ever wondered how to be polite and respectful person? Yes? Then you should definitely visit this awesome world made by me! World's storyline is fully (well, these tips are old so I changed it a little bit) based on Jen's thread about Growtopia's Etiquette, and you can find it here. He gave me permission to use it. The world has two sides - do's and don'ts. Each side has 5 tips about what to do and what not to do in growtopia. In my opinion 80% of growtopians should follow these rules all the time. But I can't super-broadcast all the time, so that's why I'm nominating it here!

    Oh, there is also one more thing to do than just parkouring! Of you're smart enough, you can try to solve the riddle and win a shiny 50 World Locks prize! Good luck!
    IGN: MrDevil | Level: 69 | Achievements: 90/100

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    Default WOTD?


    ~> There is a House under the bridge of Statue. The bridge is between Szraei VehezChick's statue (Chicken), and Zrenaw Vehrogyia's statue(Frog).
    ~> There is 3 part which u can choose where u want to use :
    1. Parkour
    2. Portal Maze
    3. Password door game


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    Gt name ~> Vehicles

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    Default YOSHIJUNGLE for WOTD

    My world: YoshiJungle.
    In this world, there is a trade zone, a parkour and a beautiful pixel art of Yoshi with his egg. All of these cubes have been spliced except the hedge, password door, bulletin board and flower check point. The Parkour can be finish by everybody: without wings, without air rob, people who don't have many time...
    This world has also Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and a fire house.

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    Default THECITYOFRUINS for my 3rd WOTD!

    I know it's the cinco time but that doesn't mean a non-cinco themed world can't win WOTD

    THECITYOFRUINS Story is a 3 part Series with part 2 and 3 coming soon!

    Render:Name:  image.png
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    Story:It's the year 2050 and you are revisiting your hometown,little did you know someone is behind the reason the city is in ruins...

    Features:P&Z Jammers
    Nice Song! -K Anime Tsumetai Heya,Hitori
    Made with loves!
    Part 2 Coming!
    Night Weather Machine
    Newbs Friendly!

    I hope i will get my 3rd WOTD! Pl0x Sethpai

    Temporary's BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

    Find Acryus Senpai if you need a builder

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    In Flower Sarong


    Sekolahal maybe

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    Default Check out ~ Gotta

    Well designed and well planned, Made so it suits most of your daily needs.


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    Who will win ? Blue or red?

    Summer themed game world :3
    Name:  summer.png
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    Features of world include:
    1.Both Jammers
    2.Fire house
    3.One jump certified (The adventure is easier with double jump but is possible without wings)
    4.Adventure items
    5.Amazing world design
    6.Confuseing tunnel system that is sure to inspire you!
    7.Bonus secret area to find
    8.Earth shattering music that is sure to make you dance! (Entirely composed and made up by me!)
    New Render
    Name:  image.png
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    So you are a miner working on a base that has the most advanced equiptment that specializes in one thing... And that is mining up Jewels and Gems! You wake up one day to your astonishment of finding the base is in shambles. The walls are crumbling and the ceilings and floors are collapsing! Your mining team is franticaly trying to escape when you start to realize... Where are the others?!?! Half your team is missing and you realize they're stuck! You have to find and help save them! You journey through the destroyed base tunneling through caverns and even underwater caves! Will you ever find them!?!? Your journey starts at TUNNELER!
    Growtopia Name: Rockefeller
    Lv. 53
    Achievements 67/100
    1500+Hours Played
    Standing on the note "A"

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    Default I certinly do think my world is good enough for WOTD!

    Hello my name is BigMistakeTM My ign is BigMistake and I made a world that i made just to make it world of the day! First off, its a Cave themed world meaning its cave blasted! Its more of a adventure map with a story following it, anyways i've dedicated most of my time in this world, which also has to mean i really worked hard on it. The world name is " UNKNOWNCAVERN" I chose the name unknown because well its not a cave anyone knows about so this means you are one of the first people to explore it, and cavern is just a fancy way of saying " cave " you might want to use a torch or flash light to make it easier which will be for sale in that world, but either way the world has torches that will be available to public which means you can turn them on or off, note: not all torches are set to public, the world does NOT have a song/music just because it would make more sense not to have a song inside of a cave especially because the music notes will be covering the dark cave background, BUT the world does have Punch and Zombie jammer and a firehouse to prevent punching, zombies infesting the world. and prevent any fires from happening in the world. Not much to say about it buy I will provide a /render image of the world, the world might look Unfinished just because the Cave dirt and the Dark cave background don't show in the image for some reason but the render doesn't mean anything what matters is the world! anyways i do recommend to come look at my world before judging it and everything. Like again the world name is " UNKNOWNCAVERN " thanks and i hope to win WOTD! :sweat drop: Name:  unknowncavern-1.png
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Size:  359.2 KB
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Last edited by BigMistakeTM; 05-09-2016 at 04:28 AM.

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    The World RAOK


    CaverMaze is a world created with the newest blocks and newest features!
    This world consists of a cave that you explore to get the Golden Idol!
    This world also contains some secrets that only few will find!
    I hope I can get my first WOTD with this map!
    Thanks! (iI would post a render of it but most of the blocks are invisible when I render it)

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    Default Hrvatska - Croatian 25th anniversary

    I would like to nominate my world HRVATSKA.

    This world is for Croatian 25th anniversary since it became a republic. The name of the world is HRVATSKA and it means Croatia on Croatian language.

    The world has:
    - a museum of Croatia in which you can read something about us and our history,
    -five adventure items spreaded across the world in different places of Croatia and two parkours so you can explore all of it
    -Croatian national anthem made by Lupix
    -big pixel art of Croatian coat of arms (not sure if it is the right word) around the white doors
    -a lot of fun facts about Croatians
    -p and z jammer


    Name:  hrvatska.png
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    We have all come to love the heroes in movies, but never the villains. We hate them.

    Today, I'm changing all that.


    "STORYOFAVILLAIN" contains a thrilling story of Maven, a villain, that will indubitably leave you on the edge of your seat.

    Just make sure you have a roll of tissue beside you. You will really need 'em!


    Putting aside the story, the world has a song that's only exclusive to the world. It's the only one in game and it's made by none other than G4mingKregga (previously Kregga)!

    The world also has a Zombie Jammer and Punch Jammer to avoid distractions and disturbances.
    It's not on the render because I haven't placed it yet that time, but I've placed it now.


    I worked for a few months for this world, and I really hope it is worth the effort! Teehee.

    P.S: the missing wallpapers are notes.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    "A friend is like a bookmark. When you forget, he can always point out where you left off." - PrinceJaron


    "This forum is full of hypocrites who indulge in downplaying & belittling fellow forumers. It's idle, really. You're not contributing to the forum by being plain rude. This forum NEEDS change, I'm infallible on that."

    ~ Head Admin of Growtopia University ~


    Do you need EXP? Go to "EXPHOARDER".
    Password is PRINCEJARON

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    Yo guys !

    I made this world called CaveSoul. Where does the name come from? Well it has to do with the story. You are part of a miner crew and you are excavating an Aztec Sacred area using a steam powered mining drill. However, digging in this sacred area was an offense to the Aztec Gods, so deseases and destruction appeared. You are sent to achieve forgivness and in your adventure you encounter mind games, puzzles, parkour, Aztecs and much more.
    Here are the pictures:

    Also I have fixed the background issue for the copper pipes and the entrance is way nicer than in the last picture.

    - Complete Set of Jammers;
    - Torches everywhere so you don't have to buy anything;
    - Mind games;
    - Parkour;
    - Puzzles;
    - Great story;
    - The parkour is not very hard;

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    Default YOSHIJUNGLE for WOTD

    My world: YoshiJungle.
    In this world, there is a trade zone, a parkour and a beautiful pixel art of Yoshi with his egg. All of these cubes have been spliced except the hedge, password door, bulletin board and flower check point. The Parkour can be finish by everybody: without wings, without air rob, people who don't have many time...
    This world has also Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and a fire house.

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