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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Default TOWERSCALE3 for WOTD! (Cave Elements Incorporated!)

    Introduction: TOWERSCALE3 was inspired by TOWERSCALE, made by my Friend leeisateam. Generally, TOWERSCALE worlds involve players scaling the towers ("going up parkour"), with the difficulty increasing after each tower.

    However, although TOWERSCALE is already pretty much very difficult, players have been able to complete it... So I came up with this idea. why not come up with a challenge? And here we have it. May I present to you: TOWERSCALE3 - deep in the caverns.

    Storyline: It's already written on the bulletin board in the world itself, but nonetheless, I'll still type it out here. You, Pluvio, and your Wife, Aquarious, have been living happily ever after... Until one day... Something bad happens (not going to spoil it here... visit the world to find out!). This results in you having to explore the dark caves, in search of something...

    Some friends, or perhaps, legends, will guide you along the way as you explore the caves!

    World Structure: Generally, the levels/towers are rather difficult...
    This world contains a total of 14 towers. Difficulty increases after each one, perhaps even insanely at the last few towers.
    Due to the insane difficulty of some of the towers, I've decided to be more considerate to the "not so good" parkourists, so that they can have fun too. Hence, I decided to structure the world into 2 parts: Story Towers + Bonus Towers.

    Story Towers: Towers 1-9, also known as the 3x3 towers, as mentioned in the world. Starts of easy, but difficulty increases from Tower 4, as you enter the dark cave.

    *Bring along a light source to make your life easier!

    Bonus Towers: Towers 10-14. Insanely difficult, and will require patience, skill, timing, accuracy, etc to complete them. Will also require tools, such as climbing boots for tower 10. No boots? Don't fret! Solve the math question at the bottom of the tower to skip tower 10 and proceed to tower 11.

    Side-Note: All towers are like this - half engulfed in darkness, half in daylight! Perhaps you'll find out why as you complete the world and read the story... (It's not because of the music!)

    Difficulty: Don't ask me to rate it myself, we all have different parkour standards. Though if I had to, I'd rate it like this... 6/10 for Story Towers, and 9/10 for Bonus Towers!

    Special Arrangements Made: Some special tools such as climbing boots/picks would help a lot, even in the story towers, as there are shortcuts!

    World Features: Firstly, as expected... Punch and Zombie Jammers, so you won't be disturbed when you parkour! Secondly, we also have a night weather machine - hopefully the world will look better with it, eh? Thirdly, we have an epic song there - My Heart (thanks to leeisateam)! Lastly, something unique here - spectating! After completing the Story Towers, players can spectate others attempting the bonus towers by accessing the spectators door in the winners room (story mode)!

    -RILEYUY, for letting me access his cave world to gather resources
    -ProLemons, for testing the parkour
    -leeisateam, for giving me inspiration
    -All my world testers
    -And to anyone else who has helped in one way or another.

    Perhaps an answer to come of your potential questions... What about people who can't afford torches? Welp, it's a cave world, so what would be the fun of it if it's too well lit? Anyway, we have quite a lot of cave crystals located in the world, so that would be a light source to help some of the players.

    I'll attach a picture of the render below, though you won't be able to tell which parts are engulfed in darkness just from the picture itself, so if you're interested, I'll really encourage you to test out the world

    Thank you for taking your time to read through this. And Seth / whoever's reading this: please give me a chance... I've spent hours working on this... And I'm really hoping to get my first ever WOTD.

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    IGN: iEvilSwagz
    Level: 53
    Level 50 as of 29/12/2015!

    Met @Seth during Carnie Contest on 16/12/2015!

    Daily Challenge Statistics:
    Crystal Crusher- 01/12/2015- #2 (a close and scary one indeed!)
    Carnie Contest- 16/12/2015- #1 (Thank you proman340!)
    Growch Games- 19/12/2015- #4 (R.I.P)
    Card Clash- 15/1/2016- #4 (wasted 5dls!)
    Fish Frenzy- 18/1/2016- #3 (the sweet taste of success again...)

    Message me for sewing service! Price per item - 5wls!

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    Maze built by cave blast resources
    Name:  derbycave.png
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    The previous name was DERBYCAVE. Changed and have been improved MORE!
    - Graphic Designer -

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    Default Burgerzoo

    I would like to nominate Burgerzoo for Wotd,

    •Zoo-themed adventure parkour
    •Punch and zombie Jammers
    •Zoo-escaping song
    •A lot of animals
    •Different cages

    In this world You play as chimp, chimp is a little ape who has lived in Burgerzoo his entire life.
    Burgerzoo used to be a peacefull place but it got struck by an earthquake.
    Due to the earthquake all the cages broke and all the animals came together. It was one big mess.
    Now the zoo is splitted up in parts, the Good animals on top, the bad guys below.
    Chimp lives at the top, but the nature slowly takes over their part, That's why Chimp wants to leave.'
    Will he be able to escape the zoo?

    Name:  burgerzoo af af af.png
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    HELLBELOW for my 1st WOTD attempt!
    Update on the world: You might not see it, but I have put dark cave background to make it more trickier and harder.

    You woke up in the middle of the night. When suddenly, your house is torn down apart! You are all alone with your family, friends are no where to be seen. While walking you see a demon who said he took all the people in your village. Their only hope is you saving them. Now, the demon made an obstacle in hell reaching your family, friends and everyone in your village. These obstacles will lead to the demon's mansion which your family, friends and everyone else are at.

    This world contains:
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Night - Weather Machine
    A relaxing and challenging song
    A storyline along the way.
    Of course a parkour
    And alot more...

    Well, this world wasn't possible if it weren't for my friends. Here are a little credits:
    TRYSTED, PrinceJaron and Anton0202 - Helping me design and build the world.
    Trsh and Cronux - Helping me make the song.
    DominoGT - Provided materials and a little support.

    This is my chance to get my very FIRST World of the Day. And I really hope so. Here is the render if the world.

    Thanks, Knyts!
    Universal Pass: boxisfabk

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    Default Rerun attempt #3

    Rerun is all about the ability to complete a parkour bottom to top and top to bottom. Feature: Pjammer zjammer nothingless and original song composed by me. Name:  rerun.png
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    How Does Helping someone make you feel

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    Thumbs up Bemylady

    Welcome to Beautiful BEMYLADY
    *World Contains*
    Weather:snowy machine
    Jammers:Punch and Zombie jammers
    Fire House
    Pixel Art:Lady,Nyan Cat,Flower
    Spelunkorama Parkour
    Easy to Finish even no wings[tested]
    About a Guy who have a Long Distance Relationship and Suprise her Girlfriend to visit her even he need to travel 7,000 miles and Join him to his Lovely Adventure

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    Cool My world to wotd?!

    Im nominating my world called MUZZIUS
    .Name:  muzzius.png
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    Life is short, better enjoy it while it lasts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzius View Post
    Im nominating my world called MUZZIUS
    .Name:  muzzius.png
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    Wow, good job man I cant compete with this...
    Contact me Via a PM here on the forums.

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    Firebleed is a puzzle/Adventure map like no other.
    Save the beautiful landscape from that evil corporation, which is pumping all their poisonous liquids into the lake.

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    Name:  pyramidgame.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectroDream View Post
    So, I've seen this guy (who I don't know) sb-ing for a while wanting his world to be a WOTD. Thought I'd help him post here (without the owner's notice) just so he has a chance. You don't seem to choose a lot of WOTDs in-game, so here:

    DEADLYFOREST by Syrillax.

    The story is that someone is chasing you, resulting you in running into the deadly forest. You then basically run until the end, and you're "safe" and you can relax in the winners room, which has awesome sceneries! The world is also P and Z jammed.

    World's render:
    Name:  Rainforest.png
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    Be original, stop copying.

    Do you think the people who give out WOTD's have amnesia?
    My in game name is OnyxFrost!

    See you in game!

    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    There's a crystal clock? Oops, ok, will fix in an upcoming patch. Hey, there are a lot of items to keep track of in this game, easy to forget...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onyx1 View Post
    Name:  Rainforest.png
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    Be original, stop copying.

    Do you think the people who give out WOTD's have amnesia?
    1. It's not my world nor my friends'.
    2. I didn't know that.
    Discord: Dreamy#2149
    IG: @electrodreamy
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    Default Maze/parkour THEBLACKMAZE

    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  124.0 KB I spent a lot of time making this, in my opinion, very cool world. Completely covered in the new dark cave back ground, it's pretty difficult to go through without a source of light but it is possible.

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    Lightbulb CNN FOR WOTD

    Hello Growtopians, my friend Gooseneck and I just finished a new news world that gives live coverage from all the topics that the Growtopia forums has. It's basically a world that informs Growtopians with new packs, events, rumors in the forums, and prices of new items. Well, I'm pretty sure you already knew that because of the world name CNN. Our idea was to bring real life CNN, who coverage everything from breaking news to debates, into Growtopia. CNN lets Growtopians who are lazy to get on the forums daily or don't have one stay informed with at least 5 informations from each thread section. We have 10 of the most important sub layers on the Growtopia forum which include information from the following forum topics Value Discussions, World Showcase, Buying & Selling, Everything else, Announcements, meet and greet, Update Discussions, Guidebook, Bugs & Glitches, and finally suggestion box. We are the first ever News world to have live coverage from the Growtopia Forums. We are the new revolutionary news world, CNN.

    The world includes a P & Z jammer, music, and much more.

    Visit CNN new news world with news coverage of everything happening on the forums. If you made a thread, you might find yourself on one of the bulletin boards.

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    Default Equestrian by Equine

    Enough with the horse puns ok

    who knew a horse could be so gay for brendon urie

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    We have all come to love the heroes in movies, but never the villains. We hate them.

    Today, I'm changing all that.


    "STORYOFAVILLAIN" contains a thrilling story of Maven, a villain, that will indubitably leave you on the edge of your seat.

    Just make sure you have a roll of tissue beside you. You will really need 'em!


    Putting aside the story, the world has a song that's only exclusive to the world. It's the only one in game and it's made by none other than G4mingKregga (previously Kregga)!

    The world also has a Zombie Jammer and Punch Jammer to avoid distractions and disturbances.
    It's not on the render because I haven't placed it yet that time, but I've placed it now.


    I worked for a few months for this world, and I really hope it is worth the effort! Teehee.

    P.S: the missing wallpapers are notes.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    "A friend is like a bookmark. When you forget, he can always point out where you left off." - PrinceJaron


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    Default Candyvalley2 for WOTD.

    I'd like to nominate Candyvalley2 for WOTD.

    Name:  candyvalley2.png
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    The princess of the vast kingdom of Candy Valley has called for your help to stop another evil. Help her restore peace in the kingdom once more.

    The world makes use of punch jammer, zombie jammer, a song and a story written on guest books. There is not only parkour but also a logical part at the end of the story. There is also the pixel art of a magical ship!

    This is the 2nd part of candy valley, hope you enjoy.
    I'm your Hero!

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    Default TUNNELER for my first WOTD

    Well... I didn't think I could make my world any better but it seems I have!
    Name:  image.png
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    World has Punch and Zombie jammers, Fire house
    My own unique music composed by me.
    An amazing parkour that is sure to challenge you.
    A great and fun adventure that is possible even for the wingless.
    I hope to get my first WOTD! Thanks!
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    Default Meow Machine!

    WOTD: MeowMachine
    IGN: CringeAF

    World Includes:
    Arid Weather Machine
    Punch & Zombie Jammers
    Possible Without Wings
    Full Story
    Adventure Items

    Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Well now you can with my new WOTD attempt. You stumble across a time machine which takes you back to 3 different times in the past. For example when the dinosaurs first roamed the Earth.


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    This World was made to honor the old Pvper's that helped the PVP Community larger. You will find the preserved history from 2013-2015 events of PVP here and how they actually began from white belt to black belt! The PVP change day by day, people getting strong each week and its insane and antonishing how newbies get strong fast! I want to thank all people who cares to read man's history and each of these PVP legends deserve to be displayed here.

    There are guest books that you can read the story of the pvper there is also a arena that you can play on if you're bored.

    Name:  greatestpvpers.png
Views: 76
Size:  185.6 KB
    I am big believer in acts of kindness no matter how small...

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