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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Hello there! iNegotiate here for applying my world for WOTD! The story is about the Planet being destroyed by aliens! A boy/girl's family has been abduct by aliens, You have to do your best to save your families lives! In order to do that you have to go a situation where you should go to another planet called PLANET X... There awaits a new adventure for you to discover in order to save your family..

    P and Z jammed!
    Song by ENIAC!
    Cool story for you to enjoy!
    Spooky Weather!
    Pixel arts!

    Try now for you to enjoy the worls! ^.^, World is better in-game compared to picture.
    InGameName: ​iNegotiate

    Awesome art by @OhNah

    "Prove to me that you aren't like the Rest"
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    Let's learn about Growtopia's Etiquette!

    Have you ever wondered how to be polite and respectful person? Yes? Then you should definitely visit this awesome world made by me! World's storyline is fully (well, these tips are old so I changed it a little bit) based on Jen's thread about Growtopia's Etiquette, and you can find it here. He gave me permission to use it. The world has two sides - do's and don'ts. Each side has 5 tips about what to do and what not to do in growtopia. In my opinion 80% of growtopians should follow these rules all the time. But I can't super-broadcast all the time, so that's why I'm nominating it here!

    Oh, there is also one more thing to do than just parkouring! If you're smart enough, you can try to solve the riddle and win a shiny 50 World Locks prize! Good luck!
    IGN: MrDevil | Level: 69 | Achievements: 90/100

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    This world is base on the movie "Despicable Me 2"


    One day, the evil supervillain "El Macho" stole the potent mutagen known as "PX-41"
    He used it to Gru's Minions and the minions turned into Evil Minion
    In order to cure the evil minions and turn it back become
    normal minions, you should help Gru to find the antidote that Dr Nefario made.
    You can get the antidote from the Dr Nefario's Lab
    But, inside of the lab there are lots of obstacles such spike.
    Can you get the antidote and cure all the minions near the Giant Minion Statue beside the lab?


    • P and Z Jammer so no zombies and punchers will disturb you
    • Night Machine
    • Giant Minion Statue
    • A big lab with parkour inside
    • Banana song from "Minions Movie"
    • And lots lots more!


    In this summer, what is the best thing you can do? You decided to go to the beach.
    From the beach, you can swim to one island. It is "Haunted Island". In that island you can play "Undersea Area" and "Air Balloons"When you almost finished the Undersea Area, you found lots of strange substance. You feel strange about it, then you walk again and find out there is a portal. When you entered it, you go to inside of air balloon. The air balloon is not working because it is
    just a game made there! What is the end? Is the "Haunted chemical" SAFEfor Beach and sea?
    Or is it dangerous? Check it out here!

    • P and Z jammer so there is no zombie or puncher
    • Really nice song
    • Beach blast
    • Undersea area parkour
    • Air balloons parkour
    • Summerfest theme world
    • A place to enjoy your time with your friend
    • Shark pixel art
    • And many others


    This is the sequel of SkyPrisons!
    Well, as MockGuy has quitted, i decided to help him rebuild the world a bit

    After you escaped the Sky Prison, the guardian of the prison try to find you again.
    After couple months of searching, they found you and put you into a high security
    prison. The prison located inside a sea with 4 fishes for the guardian. They are 2 great
    White shark, Whale and Gar. So, its not easy for you to escape! After you made some
    plan to escape, you need to get the rope so you can jump out from the prison,
    you also need to find 4 codes! Can you survive from the Dangerous Sea?


    >Punch Jammer
    >Zombie Jammer
    >Undersea Blast
    >Cool song
    >4 Big Fish Pixel
    >Fun and easy parkour
    >and lots lots more!

    We worked hard for this world. Im glad if you choose this world as a WOTD.
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    Subscribe my youtube Channel: ElectroGuy Gt

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    Default GDESERT by AirBorned


    You are a guy who seeks for challenging adventures! One day, you decided to embark on your adventure in search for the magical fruit! It has it that if one were to consume it, one would never age! Will you be able to find the magical fruit? With a twist?

    World features:
    -P & Z Jammer
    -Song: Darude Sandstorm + Drum notes. (110bpm)
    -Adventure world!

    Special thanks to:
    - GuideMustard(Indicative) for giving me lots of ideas and also how to improve my world!
    - Kriesel for helping me design part of the world!
    - Everybody for help testing my world!

    World render:
    Name:  gdesert.png
Views: 80
Size:  395.3 KB
    Level: 56

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

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    Lightbulb SPORTSPERSON by PinoyDUB

    Hi there I'd like to suggest my world to be a world of the day The world name's SPORTSPERSON, a parkour world which regards sports as the theme. In this world, you can enjoy reading facts about tennis, american football, basketball and soccer. Growtopian kids might like and enjoy this world since they could learn as they enjoy jumping and running.

    Athlete = Sportsperson

    I hope I win my first WOTD

    Thanks for reading this.


    Name:  sportsperson.png
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Size:  210.9 KB

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    We have all come to love the heroes in movies, but never the villains. We hate them.

    Today, I'm changing all that.


    "STORYOFAVILLAIN" contains a thrilling story of Maven, a villain, that will indubitably leave you on the edge of your seat.

    Just make sure you have a roll of tissue beside you. You will really need 'em!


    Putting aside the story, the world has a song that's only exclusive to the world. It's the only one in game and it's made by none other than G4mingKregga (previously Kregga)!

    The world also has a Zombie Jammer and Punch Jammer to avoid distractions and disturbances.
    It's not on the render because I haven't placed it yet that time, but I've placed it now.


    I worked for a few months for this world, and I really hope it is worth the effort! Teehee.

    P.S: the missing wallpapers are notes.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    "A friend is like a bookmark. When you forget, he can always point out where you left off." - PrinceJaron


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    Do you need EXP? Go to "EXPHOARDER".
    Password is PRINCEJARON

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    Lightbulb BASICEDU by PinoyDUB

    This world's the first world I made. It's a school world where you're required to take and pass the obstacles before you enter the school and in order for you to get the school password which allows you to enter the school without taking any obstacles again. Grades 1-12, these school levels are regarded in this world as the programs being offered in this from which are derived from its world name, basicedu. Basiceducation or basicedu for short is a curriculum schools offer to the students which include 12-year program from grade 1-12.

    Thanks for reading this


    Name:  basicedu.png
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Size:  377.7 KB

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    on your screen



    There's no story, so it's just your little growtopian, and the maze.
    You'll have to find the 5 adventure items hidden in the maze to be able to escape.

    There is no music, because of the cave backgrounds ^_^

    This is my first WOTD attempt! and i'm losing some hope!

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    I used to be someone, now I'm someone else.



    New stuff: Rain of Lava, covered ALL DEMONIC BLOCKS with dark cave background.

    I did my best with this world.
    I have not been doing anything since I last one a WOTD, but now I did something and tried my best at this.

    Please take this into consideration.

    Give me my chicken wings Seth-pai
    IGN: SpookyTrisha

    Instagram: trishaxkris_gt - I post drawings daily/weekly! Send requests if you want. ( No anime )

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    Talking Second Attempt!

    Presenting the world, OLDRADIANCE

    Name:  image.jpg
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    You happen to visit a very famous cavern, which is known for it's natural rock formations and its crystal-rich panorama.

    But there's more than it being a beautiful artifact of nature!
    Legend says that the cave itself is alive! Possessed by an entity living within a White Crystal.
    It is said that travellers are guided by this being to the path they deserve by judging the will of their hearts. Those who are weak are set to the path of isolation, those who are adventurous are set to the path of fortune and those who are worthy are guided to meet the entity himself.

    Take your torches, flashlights and hard hats! And uncover the mystery yourself!

    Things that the world offers:

    IGN: CandleJack
    Twitter: ItsCandleJack

    > Check My Threads Out: <

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    Default HUGESEED for WOTD

    Today, Seth and Hamumu, I would to like to nominate wolrd, HUGESEED for WOTD!


    So, this world is a world tree with leprechaun kinds, who are in need of help for saving their village and villagers.
    Your mission is to help all of the villagers, when you're done helping all of them, you're going to meet the creators of the world tree, aka leprechaun kings.

    This is a parkour + an adventure world with a great story line in! the story line is pretty simple and easy to understand. parkour isnt hard, either easy, so you will have a lot of fun!Possible for all players, meants as in none items are needed to complete parkour, but having any would make your adventure easier. hope this world bring you a lot of fun and bright memories!

    Really need to win this wotd, so I would appreciate if this became one.

    Thanks for your attention,

    sincerely Alkan.
    #QuestForHeavens - Completed on 07/11/2015. RIP Wizard.
    #QuestForBlade - Completed on 07/06/2016. RIP Wizard #2.

    Achievements - [ 97/100 ]
    World Of The Day's Achieved - [ 9 ]
    Level - [
    86 ]

    Need any help or got any questions? Feel free to PM me on forums or message me in game!

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    < JAMMED >

    Default GROWTECHCHAOS by Aimster (WOTD)

    (Insert really suspenseful music here...)

    Two years ago, GrowTechPharma unknowingly unleashed a horrible G-Virus in Growtopia, a slimy, green, horrible affliction that affects Growtopians to this very day... But is that the ENTIRE story? Have you ever wondered what happened AFTER that scandalous G-Spill in GrowTechPharma? What happened to the Labs? What happened to its employees? And more importantly, what is that evil Dr. Everett Koop up to NOW?!?

    One of Growtopia's UNIQUE updates was the 2013 induction of the G-Virus, getting a clue on Growtopia's Facebook page, unlocking the password door, and working your way through that amazing world, GROWTECHPHARMA. But the story DIDN'T end there. Here's the tale of what happened NEXT... or, in the words of Paul Harvey, "THE REST OF THE STORY."

    And GROWTECHCHAOS was born.

    After the evil Dr. Everett Koop was apprehended for his crimes, the labs were thoroughly stripped, cleaned and restored. The factory is now ready to re-hire its old employees, pending an intense scan of your background and personal emails (they're really picky now who they hire back!). You've been chosen to return to work, and you meet your human resources manager at the door. "Welcome back!" he says with a grin. You undergo another rigorous search and scan, and finally, you've been approved to work! Upon taking the tour of the labs, there's a door... to Level FOUR access? What's THIS? You have to find your way through the factory, learn its secrets, and try to stop the return of the evil Dr. Everett Koop!

    Here are the levels you must work through:

    LEVEL 2
    A seemingly simple level, complete with friendly staff and plenty of work to get started. But there's that level FOUR door... wonder where it leads? Perhaps I should check Case Study FOUR for clues, and find a way IN!

    LEVEL 4
    You've made it to the Data Systems Room! All the computers store the information (and history) of GrowTechPharm. Could it be that you can hack into the computer database and get clues? Find your code, unscramble the letters, and get to Level 6 before the evil Dr. Everett Koop discovers someone is snooping!

    Level 6
    Gosh, another MAZE? All these doors say "NO ACCESS" but there has to be ONE that leads out! Find the unlocked door, work your way through the murky slimy sewage system, and find your way through the buildings in a series of "Find The Door" games. And get to Koop's SECRET lab to stop him!

    You discover Dr. Koop's secret lab, where he conveniently put a poster of himself ("he's so vain... he probably thinks this world is about HIM...") and you find out his latest plan -- he's doing something to Growtopia's water system! Will you remember the CLUE LEFT AT THE TOP OF THE TOWER to be able to solve this riddle once and for all? Or will you be doomed to your fate inside Dr. Koop's EVIL LAB?

    Here's a screenshot of the world:
    Name:  growtechchaos.png
Views: 94
Size:  351.0 KB

    SPECIAL THANKS TO all who helped me gather supplies to finish this world! Some of which include: AmarTahsin, Sakimi, Song, i20HH, thethunderer, useruser3, and WickEr10.

    Check out my Twitter profile-AmarTahsin_gt!
    Check out my Instagram profile-AmarTahsin_gt!


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    Default THECITYOFRUINS for my 3rd WOTD!

    THECITYOFRUINS Story is a 3 part Series with part 2 and 3 coming soon!

    Render:Name:  image.png
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Size:  370.9 KB
    Story:It's the year 2050 and you are revisiting your hometown,little did you know someone is behind the reason the city is in ruins...

    Features:P&Z Jammers
    Nice Song! -K Anime Tsumetai Heya,Hitori
    Made with loves!
    Part 2 Coming!
    Night Weather Machine
    Newbs Friendly!

    Thanks to EZKL for giving me some suggestions

    The newer versions has more parkour so it's not too short!

    Hope I can get that 3rd WOTD! It has been a rather long time since i got a WOTD

    Update:I added in more hedges and foliage to give the buildings a mossy look!

    Temporary's BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

    Find Acryus Senpai if you need a builder

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    Unhappy ESCAPEJAILNOW: WOTD? Can I Get First WOTD?

    story starts in 12AC in little village where old useless palace start to be used like jail...
    Someday happen trouble: canalisation canal explode and water start to flood all the jail...
    And it's not the biggest problem... Biggest problem is that water contains toxic and people start to....
    Start to become bunnies(rabbits)
    But prisoners find a way to escape...
    Come and escape first to get cured!!!

    Name:  escapejailnow-2.png
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Size:  352.7 KB

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    Default im trying for a new wotd named "vizit" really hope to win 😊

    Ive done a new worthy wotd world named " vizit " hope u like it

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    Default SecretOfOcean WOTD!

    Hello all, my name Is IamWood, and Id like to present you our project - SecretOfOcean
    Name:  secretofocean.png
Views: 84
Size:  369.7 KB
    Worked hard with owner of world Paveliux, he dedicated everything to get the WOTD, I want to do this, I wanna bring his first Virtual Trophy ot his virtual TABLE.

    STORY of the world is about a guy who survives a pirate attack but sinks to the botom if the ocean, it is very deep, deeper than you can Imagine.

    In story You (the guy) wakes up in ship, but in the bottom of sea, one survivor with him but dies soon!, Lonely he goes nowhere, cause he doesnt know where to go, he met dead fishes and saw the which, King, The Jekie, king of fishes and all sea, Jekie possesses you, and you are fighting with your mind, you want to be free, free out of your mind

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    Default TUNNELER

    TUNNELER for my first WOTD!
    Name:  image.png
Views: 81
Size:  566.8 KB
    Has jammers, fire house, a song entirely composed by me, noob proof parkour, and an amazing adventure!
    I hope I get WOTD!
    Growtopia Name: Rockefeller
    Lv. 53
    Achievements 67/100
    1500+Hours Played
    Standing on the note "A"

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    Name:  pyramidgame.png
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Size:  466.7 KB

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    Default LOSTSTATUE


    After Spending alot Of Worldlocks...I Finished the BIG Project That I've Made...

    Its WOTD Worthy (in My Opinion)....But Hey...Its Worth for has an Beautiful Effort For it....idk why am i Saying this...I Think It is that I'm Confidently enough..But Remeber: No One Knows,Except God....But Yeah...I Hope I Can Win this Time...Because I Put Soooo Muchhh Time But For Me Time Doesnt Matter For Now...But Give me a Chance to Make a me as a Builder to Improve more and more of My Skills..

    StoryLine:The Story Begins On a Vacation From Egypt...You are Approach By a Mayor in Your House..and Told to You That the Ancient Precious STATUE is LOST!and You as PROFESSIONAL Archeologist(YOUR JOB) Cant Ignore The Mission so You just Take the Case of the LOST STATUE

    But The QUESTION IS Can You FIND the LOST STATUE?...Be Sure To CHECK Out The MAP To Find Out What is Gonna Happen

    World Features:
    1)PUNCHING Jammer
    2)Zombie Jammer
    3)Night Theme(Weather Machine)

    PIXEL ARTS with Parkour Inside it:
    WOLF TOTEM-No One Did it Yet Except Me..(ORGINALITY)
    TURTLE-I'm Not Quiet Sure...But Hey Its Cool Though...
    PYRAMID-Yep! A Triangle PYRAMID
    AirPlane-its Airplane...But Hey Its Awesome To have Airplane in a World PLUS! It has A Parkour Inside it
    Jimmy The Smiley-If You Dont Know Jimmy The Smiley Well He is A Funny Guy Who Always SMILE..Its A Cartoon Character You Know...Its in Jimmy Neutron...

    Well Here is The RENDERED WORLD:
    Name:  loststatue4.png
Views: 76
Size:  226.2 KB
    Follow All the Rules And You will be rewarded By it...

    WOTD: None
    Growtokens: 3/200
    Focused Eyes :0/1
    Successful Life

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    Default Nenas Boy To Party During Pineapple Event??

    World name = NenasBoy
    World type = A short story about the excitement of Pineapple Week
    Weather = Rainy to symbolise the meteor rain
    Pixel art = Fat Pineapple Boy, 6 Pineapple Meteorites and 6 Pineapple Magic

    P/S : I have a pineapple weather to go with it now

    Nenas / Nanas means pineapple in Malaysia while the Indonesian call it Nanas. NenasBoy means Pineapple Boy.

    Pineapple Week is coming soon and here is a simple world that I have made to anticipate the party.

    It was a cold rainy night at Mauritius. The hermit crabs were digging the sand to hide. The snails were hiding in their shells. Smaller beach creatures were hiding in the mud. It was a quiet night but the scene at the beach was peaceful and captivating.

    The soft sandy beach was everyone's favourite ... And you will fall in love with it. When everyone least expect it ... There was a sudden bright light in the sky ... so glaring as if it was the sun rising in the dark ... Was it the Sun? Was it the moon turn so bright?

    Come check it out


    Name:  nenasboy.png
Views: 73
Size:  231.9 KB
    You don't need to be a mod to make things right,
    Just like how I do not need an angel to be an angel,
    For I already am an angel,
    In my friends' hearts ...

    "Kindness shines brightest in the dark. Be kind "

    Main Word : babySuanne
    New World : Follow my Insta

    GrowId : BabySuanne
    Instagram : SuanneIsabelle

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