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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    Default WOTD?? World name : SkyForest

    Thats my world! I really want it wotd! I want it wotd so people have fun in the World! And read the mystery that the world have! That world is an Adventure! I made it so people have fun! So i would really appreciate to get wotd!! Plis help me! Is a really cool World!! Have fun!!

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    Default SWAMPLANDS for WOTD!

    I would like to nominate my world swamplands.
    You're a diver,named Ryan, who has lost his turtle. Then you saw a letter: the Swamper has stolen your turtle! To get it back, you have to pay ransom. But you don't want that, so you search the Swamper. You have to go through dark caves, dangerous passages and eventually the hell to get him back. But it's not that easy: Due to paint and secret doors, the items are very well hidden...

    -possible without wings/air robs/nado
    -a big turtle pixelart
    -p,z jammer & night weather
    -a fantastic made-by-rompie storyline
    -when you've done the parkour, you can have a look at other
    -an original song(made by myself)Riverside-Agnes Obel

    Ps: water looks much better in world due to the dark cave backgr
    Thanks for Reading!
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    Talking We want to win wotd. Wooho! CITYLEGLORY

    Hello there mods! Im Gamerno. My friend, Abdullgmn and i worked out on a world and we really really really want it to get wotd. We really worked hard for it. Anyways, the name of our world is CityLeGlory.... So City Le Glory was a wonderful place.. Everyone was good and kind to each other.. Now an evil witch named Barnacle made everyone feel sad and fight.. Now Connie, the main character (which is you) wants to defeat Barnacle and restore back the glory in City Le Glory. We wanted to build this world for everyone to have fun.

    It's my first time too trying to make a parkour world. So.. Anyways, thank you moderators!! hope this world could actually win a wotd. AND IF WE DO IT WOULD BE OUR FIRST TIME TO WIN SOMETHING SO AMAZING ( cuz im a noob) CITY LEGLORYTHANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Also has a night weather machine and I made the song myself
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    Default CLOCKD for WOTD

    I hereby nominate, CLOCKD for WOTD. This has an amazing story behind it, and some fun parkour! Active owner and admins to help and support players! This is a very adventerous and nature-filling story! Check it out, Seth; you won't be disappointed!

    Long ago, a clock company was on a roll. Creating one of the most useful clocks, they were satisfied with what they did. After countless days of no sleep, they finally are able to sleep. When they wake up, they realize that a huge problem has broken out! The world wide clock isn't functioning properely! Daniel (you), is counted on to save the day; or time will never be restored! Will you be the one to save time?

    Render :
    IGN : Aurorus
    Level : 35
    Visit OURSERVICE for some help with almost everything! We got smithing, sewing, and much more!
    Feel free to private message me if you need something!

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    Thumbs up ESCAPEJAILNOW by punchjoyy for WOTD?

    story starts in 12AC in little village where old useless palace start to be used like jail...
    Someday happen trouble: canalisation canal explode and water start to flood all the jail...
    And it's not the biggest problem... Biggest problem is that water contains toxic and people start to....
    Start to become bunnies(rabbits)
    But prisoners find a way to escape...
    Come and escape first to get cured!!!

    Name:  escapejailnow-2.png
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    Default LOSTSTATUE


    After Spending alot Of Worldlocks...I Finished the BIG Project That I've Made...

    Its WOTD Worthy (in My Opinion)....But Hey...Its Worth for has an Beautiful Effort For it....idk why am i Saying this...I Think It is that I'm Confidently enough..But Remeber: No One Knows,Except God....But Yeah...I Hope I Can Win this Time...Because I Put Soooo Muchhh Time But For Me Time Doesnt Matter For Now...But Give me a Chance to Make a me as a Builder to Improve more and more of My Skills..

    StoryLine:The Story Begins On a Vacation From Egypt...You are Approach By a Mayor in Your House..and Told to You That the Ancient Precious STATUE is LOST!and You as PROFESSIONAL Archeologist(YOUR JOB) Cant Ignore The Mission so You just Take the Case of the LOST STATUE

    But The QUESTION IS Can You FIND the LOST STATUE?...Be Sure To CHECK Out The MAP To Find Out What is Gonna Happen

    World Features:
    1)PUNCHING Jammer
    2)Zombie Jammer
    3)Night Theme(Weather Machine)

    PIXEL ARTS with Parkour Inside it:
    WOLF TOTEM-No One Did it Yet Except Me..(ORGINALITY)
    TURTLE-I'm Not Quiet Sure...But Hey Its Cool Though...
    PYRAMID-Yep! A Triangle PYRAMID
    AirPlane-its Airplane...But Hey Its Awesome To have Airplane in a World PLUS! It has A Parkour Inside it
    Jimmy The Smiley-If You Dont Know Jimmy The Smiley Well He is A Funny Guy Who Always SMILE..Its A Cartoon Character You Know...Its in Jimmy Neutron...

    Well Here is The RENDERED WORLD:
    Name:  loststatue4.png
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Size:  226.2 KB
    Follow All the Rules And You will be rewarded By it...

    WOTD: None
    Growtokens: 3/200
    Focused Eyes :0/1
    Successful Life

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    Default CAVEOFDARK For World of the Day

    Heya...I'm going to nominate this world
    Name : Caveofdark
    Facilities : Fire house, P Z Jammer, Night Weather Machine, Storyboard
    Story : The adventurer found cave, he make the storage for pineapples magic but now its sealed. Now growtopian must plant tons pineapples to make Air Magic stronger. But we still need unseal pine magic inside the cave to make magic ultimate Stronger.
    So ... Do u wanna help ??

    Be Different
    Click On Image
    Visit My Main World "BunnyPuffy"

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    Default STORYOFAVILLAIN by PrinceJaron

    We have all come to love the heroes in movies, but never the villains. We hate them.

    Today, I'm changing all that.


    "STORYOFAVILLAIN" contains a thrilling story of Maven, a villain, that will indubitably leave you on the edge of your seat.

    Just make sure you have a roll of tissue beside you. You will really need 'em!


    Putting aside the story, the world has a song that's only exclusive to the world. It's the only one in game and it's made by none other than G4mingKregga (previously Kregga)!

    The world also has a Zombie Jammer and Punch Jammer to avoid distractions and disturbances.


    I worked for a few months for this world, and I really hope it is worth the effort! Teehee.
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    "A friend is like a bookmark. When you forget, he can always point out where you left off." - PrinceJaron


    "This forum is full of hypocrites who indulge in downplaying & belittling fellow forumers. It's idle, really. You're not contributing to the forum by being plain rude. This forum NEEDS change, I'm infallible on that."

    ~ Head Admin of Growtopia University ~


    Do you need EXP? Go to "EXPHOARDER".
    Password is PRINCEJARON

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    ALAS, young diver! I present unto you, Xahria Island!

    Attachment 126844
    World thingy (I dunno if these images are workin', I'm on my phone, RIP)
    Attachment 126848
    Legend has it that a beautiful queen by the name of Xahria once ruled the island. She was incredibly rich, possessing various jewels and many other valuable treasures, including a ship and a massive underwater kingdom that she ruled over. However, no one has ever found her treasures and many believe it is just a silly hoax. Only YOU can bust the myth or prove it FACT, and only YOU can change history forever.

    A parkour created by PaintKitty with help from Malevolent.

    IGN: PaintKitty

    On the Internet, nobody knows you're a cat.

    do you even growtopia?!!!1!

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    by: SmashBlaster

    You are a simple man living near the shore with your family. You we're imprisoned and taken away from your family because of murder accusation.
    And now, since you don't have a lawyer to defend you from your case, you are forced to be guilty and they are now shipping you to the main country jail with your fellow inmates who are some of them are also victims of accusations.

    Note: The start of the parkour requires team work since it is made with steam blocks.

    World includes:

    >Punch and Zombie Jammers
    >Music: The Walking Dead Theme Song (kinda doesn't sound like it, but it's still something)
    >A Night Machine

    P.S: The story is NOT based on the movie Escape Plan.
    Name:  escapeplan (3).png
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    IGN: SmashBlaster|Level: 86

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    Hello Seth and Hamumu today i will reply to thread
    i think my world good enough to be a world of the day

    the story is the child missing his mom.the king dragon has take his mom
    then he need help to us

    the feature is....
    1.P and Z jammer house
    3.pixel dragon
    5.Full story
    6.Adventure item
    7.Snowy weather
    8.Big Tree

    The Story is same with Mars need moms but its dragon not alien
    So ? Remember its possible Try it !!
    Render world..."Dontakemymom"
    please seth its my 1st WOTD

    Name:  dontakemymom.png
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    World By : PUVY

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    With Mr Manglev


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________


    About the world
    Its finally Trainzzz's 14th birthday! On the place he lives in when anyone is 14 years old they recieve a TraMon (Pokemon). As he sets out for his journey his family and friends are planning his birthday party!

    -P and Z jammer
    -Arid Weather machine
    -First pokemon battle in gt! (Done by adventure gate)
    -Pokemon Gym song (Probably first in gt)
    -Story inspired by Pokemon Omega Ruby
    -Steam items
    -A lot of admins (my friends lol they helped me with the world)
    Ign = Trainzzz
    Parkour? Msg me :3
    This does not describe me at all :/

    Temporary's BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

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    AdventuresOfGTOPIA for WOTD

    Adventure / Parkour map

    This map is about you leaving your home to explore a cave that has a hidden treasure in it.
    The treasure itself is the Legendary Golden Idol
    and you will have to explore the caves yourself and the rest you will have to find out by yourself!

    You will parkour trough a lovely Cave Parkour with the fairly new Cave blocks!
    And the end area is even better, with a really nice chilling area for the people that do complete the map!

    ALSO! The map looks WAY better in-game compared so please visit it!

    Features down below!

    Name:  adventuresofgtopia.png
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Size:  303.6 KB


    • Punch Jammer
    • Zombie Jammer
    • A short story
    • Beautiful Map
    • Fun Parkour!
    • No items REQUIRED - Friendly for new players!
    • And sometimes rewards too!
    Last edited by Jukca; 06-06-2016 at 01:50 PM. Reason: Added minor details to map & render
    My Adventure map! (Click to see)

    My Singleplayer series!

    IGN: Jukca

    Want to visit any of my worlds? Visit Jukca
    You need some help or have any questions? Just Message me! (:

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    Pineapple week is finally here!! I'm going to present you with my Pineapple-Themed WOTD Attempt!
    Render:Name:  image.png
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    Story:You woke up tied up in a chair and you meet Mr Pinealot from the Pineapple Realm which is considered a myth.You hear from Mr Pinealot that you are a special person who has special powers that is needed to help the Princess of the Pineapple Realm to cast a destruction spell to wipe out all the threats to the Pineapple Realm!

    Features:Pineapple Week Pixel Art
    P and Z Jammers!
    Nice song- Chuunibyou OP1-Sparkling Daydream
    Night Weather Machine
    Made with <3
    Newb Friendly so those who are new will be able to do it!

    I hope i can my 3rd WOTD!!
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Temporary's BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

    Find Acryus Senpai if you need a builder

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    Default SecretOfOcean - WOTD

    Hello, my name is IamWood and I want to present my, and my friend's hard work called SECRETofOcean
    Name:  received_1734086943528050.jpeg
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Size:  287.3 KB
    Worked hard with owner of world PahvisGt (changed account), he dedicated everything to get the WOTD, I want to do this, I wanna bring his first Virtual Trophy ot his virtual TABLE.

    STORY of the world is about a guy who survives a pirate attack but sinks to the botom if the ocean, it is very deep, deeper than you can Imagine.

    In story You (the guy) wakes up in ship, but in the bottom of sea, one survivor with him but dies soon!, Lonely he goes nowhere, cause he doesnt know where to go, he met dead fishes and saw the which, King, The Jekie, king of fishes and all sea, Jekie possesses you, and you are fighting with your mind, you want to be free, free out of your mind

    P.s world when you play looks better than looks from render, and music notes aren't visable now.

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    So after one month of nominating I would like to nominate my world HRVATSKA once again. I still didn't lose hope.

    This world is for Croatian 25th anniversary since it became a republic. The name of the world is HRVATSKA and it means Croatia on Croatian language.

    The world has:
    - a museum of Croatia in which you can read something about us and our history,
    -five adventure items spreaded across the world in different places of Croatia and two parkour levels so you can explore all of it
    -Croatian national anthem made by Lupix
    -big pixel art of Croatian coat of arms around the white g doors
    -a lot of fun facts about Croatians
    -p and z jammer


    Name:  hrvatska.png
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    Default WOTD: Rollbakc


    World Includes:

    Zombie & Punch Jammer
    Night Weather Machine
    3 Different Pixel Arts
    3 Different Parkours: Rollback I Shop Themed, Rollback II Harvest Festival Themed, Rollback III RAID Arrays Burning Theme.
    All Parkours Possible Without Wings
    Adventure Items
    Facts About Each Rollback


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    Default RUNNINGPINE for WOTD

    Attachment 126735
    Welcome to RunningPine
    Super Pineapple Party has begun,maybe It's time to Introduce my World ,Since Running man song or My Boo is really Popular in the world I'll try to mix the song to the event.
    The story is about Galatians Who ask you to join his dance and eating Party in his house,And Don't forget about his favorite fruit, the Pineapple,But you need to run now since Galatians house is too far.You will tackle different colorful stages that will exercise your mind and strategy ,So? what are you waiting for..Let's the run Begin.

    world Feature
    *completed Jammers
    *fire house
    *song-Running man Remix(First in GT)
    *fun Facts
    *possible even No wings(Tested)
    *running man Pixel
    *pineapple weather Machine
    *Nice design

    missing wallpapers are Notes
    ATMS COUNT=(4926/5000)

    WOTDs count:

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    Under A Rock


    P&Z Jammers
    Warp Speed Machine
    Adventure Items
    StarBound Story
    StarBound Theme

    Story: Once again the people in The Outpost needs your help, This time they sent a crew to Growplanet to make sure everythings alright there, but they didn't return home so it's your job to visit Growplanet and make sure they are okay and bring them home to safety! AS you reach Growplanet you discover a big meteor rain going towards the planet which makes it nearly impossible to land and you'll have to jump out of the ship and parkour your way to the surface!

    Update:StarBound is now leaving PreAlpha and is entering Beta with A LOT of new function. In StarBound Beta you will now be able to get Quests from NPCs which i added to this world where you can choose to do a side-Quest in the world for more content or just continue with main story!



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    Name:  summer.png
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    Summer themed game world for wotd

    The flying dirt got removed (look white door)

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