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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    < JAMMED >

    Default SHANIDARCAVE by AmarTahsin (WOTD)

    (Shanidar Cave)
    Shanidar Cave is an archeological site in Kurdistan, not far from the capital, Erbil. Shanidar is famous for its Neanderthal remains — ten separate skeletons that may date back over 50,000 years.
    The Skeletons of Shanidar Cave
    A rare cache of hominid fossils from the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq offers a window on Neanderthal culture

    Render of my world SHANIDARCAVE

    STORY: In 1856, laborers working in a limestone quarry in the Neander Valley near Düsseldorf, Germany, dug up some unusual-looking bones. Subsequent study revealed that they belonged to a previously unknown species of humans, similar to, but distinct from our own species, Homo sapiens. The newly discovered hominid was named Neanderthal—thal is Old German for valley—and has fascinated anthropologists ever since.

    It was first thought that Neanderthals may have resembled apes—with stooped posture and bent knees—more closely than modern humans. Then, in the 1950s, Smithsonian anthropologist Ralph Solecki, a team from Columbia University and Kurdish workers unearthed the fossilized bones of eight adult and two infant Neanderthal skeletons—spanning burials from 65,000 to 35,000 years ago—at a site known as the Shanidar cave, in the Kurdistan. The discovery changed our understanding of Neanderthals.

    So I made this world to people know the History also there is a lot fun. Also I made parkour and more fun.
    I hope you like it Seth ❤️
    Thank you for your time.

    Check out my Twitter profile-AmarTahsin_gt!
    Check out my Instagram profile-AmarTahsin_gt!


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    Default FIRESHELL for my 3rd WOTD!


    Render:Name:  image.png
Views: 198
Size:  364.4 KB
    Story:You are Gordon Martins
    A solo filmer who is keen in sharing with the world
    the secret experiment conducted by the US.
    The experiment is called 'OPERATION FIRESHELL'
    it was an experiment conducted in 1980 and it was
    tested by various humans but it was deemed unsafe
    so it was kept a dark secret..
    You managed to sneaked into the fireshell test zone
    you need to seek the information needed for the film
    The whole place is now abandoned so be careful!

    Features: -A rather challenging parkour but still possible for newbs!
    - Night Weather Machine
    -P&Z Jammers
    -Nice Music-Full Metal Alchemist OST Rain

    Hope i can get my 3rd WOTD because it has been a rather long time since I gotten one and my ringmaster quests requires me to get 4 tokens so a WOTD would be perfect for me to get tokens!

    Temporary's BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

    Find Acryus Senpai if you need a builder

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    world name: alexclash
    i used change of adress and alot of stuff
    Me and Akone made this world together. teamwork!
    heres a picture of the world:
    Akone dont have access because i moved the lock (without lock mover) so when he comes back online he will get back access
    Im a youtuber!

    Diggers Spade 10/200
    Angel WingsAn

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    This a repost, I made it completely newbie friendly which means no wings or other effects required

    Ye straight to the point. I, as everyone else in this thread, want to nominate my world for the WOTD, it's name is AMUFA, which stands for a machine used for assembling. Yes not the best name, but I couldn't think of any better one. This world's theme is steampunk Leonardo da Vinci's machine, which has been left untouched for 600 years. Okay, okay so there are 20 sectors, of which 2 are parkour (one is hard, though optional and the other is easy) and 18 steam machine sectors which are connected to each other. World has both jammers, a weather machine to fit the theme and loads of steam stuff ( duh ).

    Render bellow
    Name:  amufa.png
Views: 190
Size:  446.3 KB

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    Good day Seth and Hamumu

    I've built two worlds that I think have a chance of getting WOTD. Here are brief descriptions and features of these worlds.

    This world is a hospital where many people can come and perform surgeries.
    Features :
    -A big amount of surgery beds for all the patients
    -A complete guide on all the diseases and how to cure them!
    -A small parkour where people can race and play together
    -A small shop for players who need surgical items and tools
    -A song for players to enjoy
    -Plenty other stuff for players to discover

    Here's a picture of the world

    This world is basically a giant castle for people to play games, chat, or simply discover the world. (Sorry if the music sheets mess up some things ;/)
    Features :
    -A small parkour for those who want to do it.
    -A game generator for people who want to battle ;D
    -A secret tower where you can find a wizard!!! (There is a secret way to get in though, it's up to the players to find it ;D)
    -Players can hide in a treehouse and chat in there!
    -Like to read? Well the library is the perfect spot for you xD
    -A jail for the scammers in Growtopia... 8)
    -A kitchen for hungry players ;P

    Here's a picture of the world!

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    Default Father's Day and Parents' Day Theme Worlds

    Dear Seth,

    Father's Day is coming soon and there is nothing more meaningful than warming each other's hearts by remembering the sacrifices our dads have made for us.

    So for this month, I am not going to nominate any other worlds but these 2 which I believe is meaningful enough for everyone. Since I am not slotting in new worlds, I will write more about these 2 worlds. I hope you will consider it so other growtopians will visit. I am not a rich player, so, I don't really have gems to SB. Even when I SB, no one seems to be interested to come. The only way for me to reach out is by posting here :

    World name = He Is My Father
    Weather = Night
    Pixel art = A gray duckling in flame and a white duckling

    This world was inspired by a few growtopian's life. No names will be mentioned so no one will harrass my friends in GT.

    One of them is an adopted child but he was blessed with good parents. Another friend's dad has to work double jobs to pay the bills and he doesn't get to meet up with his dad much. Being a Pakistani, he often get bullied and discriminated at school and he often shares his stories with me.

    So with these, I made it into a world to honor the fathers and to talk about things that no one would bother much. Here is the preview of the story :

    This is a story of 2 ducklings; Eppu and Ashleigh. Both are orphans.

    Eppu was a 15 years old teenager that took the bold move to adopt Ashleigh when her parents passed away due to poisonous water. Everyone in QuackyLand saw her saw burden while Eppu wanted to give her a chance to experience love and family warmth.

    Because they are a little different since Eppu was from a foreigner, they were mocked and picked on by the villagers. They were bullied, they were discriminated but Eppu continued to be kind to all of them.

    Ashleigh struggled with the discrimination, racism, and name callings at school. The words slowly swallows her up. She thought she was the only one facing such challenge but little did she know about Eppu's sacrifice.

    Until the last moment, Eppu was still kind to sacrifice himself to save another quack but none saw his sacrifice and called him a monster when he become paralysed and disfigured in a fire accident.

    Everyone was just pure mean ...

    Come check the world ... read the story and in the end, I hope you are proud enough to say to others "He Is My Father" no matter how people judge your family ...

    Thank you.


    Name:  heismyfather.png
Views: 235
Size:  151.8 KB

    World Name : HeavenlyGift
    Weather : Night
    Pixel Art : Sad girl
    Purpose : One of GT's players' mom passed away recently and I messaged him that I will build a world with him in mind

    This world was made because Daydrian's mom passed away in May. I do not know him personally but I saw all the SBs and posts in this forum. There is no other ways to show my condolence than to build a world in honor of his mom. And this world was dedicated to Daydrian.

    Daydrian SB something along this line : Appreciate your parents before it is too late.

    And somehow it touches my heart and brought me down with tears. So I held on to that feeling and emotion while I built this world.

    If you are a parent, visit here and I am sure some of the words I wrote here are what your children would like to speak to you but we don't really say it out. We may be rebellious but we still love you ... A LOT.

    This is a world about being grateful and thankful ...

    Isabelle is a 11 years old girl whom is entering her teenage years. She is mostly nice and kind ... but sometimes she loses herself and snaps. On one occasion, she made a silly wish - that her parents were never there and it happened. So her parents met a car accident and left her behind. She regretted what she has said and hope for a second chance to make things right ...

    She was given 1 chance to find the magic words to give it to her fairy godmother to bring her parents back to life.

    Would you help her to find those words and reunite with her parents?

    The story is originally written by me.


    Name:  heavenlygift.png
Views: 232
Size:  230.4 KB
    You don't need to be a mod to make things right,
    Just like how I do not need an angel to be an angel,
    For I already am an angel,
    In my friends' hearts ...

    "Kindness shines brightest in the dark. Be kind "

    Main Word : babySuanne
    New World : Follow my Insta

    GrowId : BabySuanne
    Instagram : SuanneIsabelle

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    Hey seth!
    Today I want to nominate my world THESUMMERNIGHTS!
    Name:  thesummernights.png
Views: 790
Size:  464.3 KB
    Story: Its almoust night time! We need to find a spot where we can enjoy the summer sunshy and grill with friends, well what Im waiting for?? Let's just do it. You start adventure with friends and you must defeat many spikey spots what are really creepys, After that you have a big ocean where is dangerous spikes, you find a ocean cave and you go on and on till you find a crazy parkour, you defeat them and you find a gate what asks what Voolik means, you have many answers but only 1 is right, if u fail you EXIT the world or you have little luck and you Die on spike, you do all the challenges and parkours till the end you get an adventure item you needed then you use it on a gate and you found a chill spot with your friends on the beach, you are calthing fish, playing music and having more fun.

    World has: Punch & Zombie jammers, firehouse + music, an beach design. I hope you like this world and I hope more that it will win a wotd soon! have a good day!
    My Best item in growtopia is
    IGN: Cukey
    Wotd: 0/1

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    Default GDESERT by AirBorned


    You are a guy who seeks for challenging adventures! One day, you decided to embark on your adventure in search for the magical fruit! It has it that if one were to consume it, one would never age! Will you be able to find the magical fruit? With a twist?

    World features:
    -P & Z Jammer
    -Song: Darude Sandstorm + Drum notes. (110bpm)
    -Adventure world!

    Special thanks to:
    - GuideMustard(Indicative) for giving me lots of ideas and also how to improve my world!
    - Kriesel for helping me design part of the world!
    - Everybody for help testing my world!

    World render:
    Name:  gdesert.png
Views: 1184
Size:  394.6 KB
    Level: 56

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

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    I would like to nominate LeaveTheCity For the Next WOTD.


    You have a meeting today at 2:00 PM. You check the weather broadcast and it says that there will be huge storm at exactly 2 o'clock and the weatherman says that it's safer to stay in your house for now and you decide to wait it out. After a few hours of waiting, You decide to leave at 8:00. You're nearly halfway there to the building where the meeting is going to held, then SUDDENLY the huge storm comes down your way thundering as if huge and massive drums we're playing, roaring like a mighty lion's majestic roar, and its lightning striking the leaves and branches of the trees off like a punch to the gut. As you can see the the weather broadcaster was majorly off...

    As the storm gets worst, you try to find shelter but to no avail, because you happen take the wrong turn on the wrong street, which caused you to be lost. But while your looking for shelter you see people getting getting blown away by the monstrous winds. You then stop by to help you and with any other needs they have. As they say, "Do good and good will come to you."

    It's time for you to Leave The City!

    Name:  image.png
Views: 1161
Size:  456.4 KB
    *UPDATE* Made the world a little easier

    What this world has:
    - Thermotatsic composed music by Thermo.
    - An amazing story line.
    - Interiactive EX:

    - Wonderful secenery
    - It has some password doors questioning on the story you read. [If you didn't read you can go back without restarting the whole world]
    - A Plotwist at the end

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy the World :]


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    Introducing you a new theme, the wrestling.

    Hi Seth, I am bringing you my latest world that had just recently designed for today's WOTD. This world is the free-style ones where you can see players having fun on the wrestling ring. Where Growtopia also have its own wrestling area!

    I had noticed that there are not really lots of worlds that related to this theme. So I decided to build one with some parkours to make it even more interesting and amazing music, the John Cena - You Can't See Me that I am sure everyone might like it. This world is totally safe as it includes interesting thing like security check and more. Do check out this map. Thank you.

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    Under A Rock


    P&Z Jammers
    Warp Speed Machine
    Adventure Items
    StarBound Story
    StarBound Theme

    Story: Once again the people in The Outpost needs your help, This time they sent a crew to Growplanet to make sure everythings alright there, but they didn't return home so it's your job to visit Growplanet and make sure they are okay and bring them home to safety! AS you reach Growplanet you discover a big meteor rain going towards the planet which makes it nearly impossible to land and you'll have to jump out of the ship and parkour your way to the surface!

    Update:StarBound is now leaving PreAlpha and is entering Beta with A LOT of new function. In StarBound Beta you will now be able to get Quests from NPCs which i added to this world where you can choose to do a side-Quest in the world for more content or just continue with main story!



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    Hello all.... I just want to nominate my world to be WOTD
    Heheheh I hope u like it... Also in this world is possible without wing
    Here is some description for my world

    Facilties : PZ Jammer , Fire House , Snowy Night Weather Machine, Many of water , Many of sand and deep sand , etc..
    Story :
    So.... The weather now is snowy. Ice and Snow everywhere. But Jack and Fiona didnt care about the weather. Because they are is doing a vacation to GT Island. So they hired a ship to take them to GT Island. But something bad happen ! Their ship was hit a huge ice. So their ship was damaged and begin to fill with water. They has to jump out the water before the ship drowned. They has to find the land cause they can swim to long.
    So guys do you wanna help them find the land? If u want, take a long breathe......

    Render world....
    Name:  thecrashship.png
Views: 1150
Size:  549.2 KB
    the cloud from the weather machine is blocking the vip so in this picture we can see the vip room... Sorry maybe next post i will post the world without weather

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    Render:Name:  fireshell.png
Views: 1130
Size:  364.4 KB
    Story:You are Gordon Martins
    A solo filmer who is keen in sharing with the world
    the secret experiment conducted by the US.
    The experiment is called 'OPERATION FIRESHELL'
    it was an experiment conducted in 1980 and it was
    tested by various humans but it was deemed unsafe
    so it was kept a dark secret..
    You managed to sneaked into the fireshell test zone
    you need to seek the information needed for the film
    The whole place is now abandoned so be careful!

    Features: -A rather challenging parkour but still possible for newbs!
    - Night Weather Machine
    -P&Z Jammers
    -Nice Music-Full Metal Alchemist OST Rain

    Hope i can get my 3rd WOTD because it has been a rather long time since I gotten one and my ringmaster quests requires me to get 4 tokens so a WOTD would be perfect for me to get tokens!

    Temporary's BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

    Find Acryus Senpai if you need a builder

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    Default Hrvatska - Croatian 25th anniversary

    There is now less adventure doors so the world is less confusing.

    So after one month of nominating I would like to nominate my world HRVATSKA once again. I still didn't lose hope.

    This world is for Croatian 25th anniversary since it became a republic. The name of the world is HRVATSKA and it means Croatia on Croatian language.

    The world has:
    - a museum of Croatia in which you can read something about us and our history,
    -five adventure items spreaded across the world in different places of Croatia and two parkour levels so you can explore all of it
    -Croatian national anthem made by Lupix
    -big pixel art of Croatian coat of arms around the white g doors
    -a lot of fun facts about Croatians
    -p and z jammer


    Name:  hrvatska.png
Views: 1109
Size:  433.1 KB

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    Estonia - Tallinn

    Smile HUGESEED for WOTD

    Today, Seth and Hamumu, I would to like to nominate wolrd, HUGESEED for WOTD!


    So, this world is a world tree with leprechaun kinds, who are in need of help for saving their village and villagers.
    Your mission is to help all of the villagers, when you're done helping all of them, you're going to meet the creators of the world tree, aka leprechaun kings.

    This is a parkour + an adventure world with a great story line in! the story line is pretty simple and easy to understand. parkour isnt hard, either easy, so you will have a lot of fun!Possible for all players, meants as in none items are needed to complete parkour, but having any would make your adventure easier. hope this world bring you a lot of fun and bright memories!

    Thanks for your attention,

    sincerely Alkan.
    #QuestForHeavens - Completed on 07/11/2015. RIP Wizard.
    #QuestForBlade - Completed on 07/06/2016. RIP Wizard #2.

    Achievements - [ 97/100 ]
    World Of The Day's Achieved - [ 9 ]
    Level - [
    86 ]

    Need any help or got any questions? Feel free to PM me on forums or message me in game!

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    Default Loststatue-Fun Parkour and A Descent Story...with Matching PixelArts


    After Spending alot Of Worldlocks...I Finished the BIG Project That I've Made...

    Its WOTD Worthy (in My Opinion)....But Hey...Its Worth for has an Beautiful Effort For it....idk why am i Saying this...I Think It is that I'm Confidently enough..But Remeber: No One Knows,Except God....But Yeah...I Hope I Can Win this Time...Because I Put Soooo Muchhh Time But For Me Time Doesnt Matter For Now...But Give me a Chance to Make a me as a Builder to Improve more and more of My Skills..

    StoryLine:The Story Begins On a Vacation From Egypt...You are Approach By a Mayor in Your House..and Told to You That the Ancient Precious STATUE is LOST!and You as PROFESSIONAL Archeologist(YOUR JOB) Cant Ignore The Mission so You just Take the Case of the LOST STATUE

    But The QUESTION IS Can You FIND the LOST STATUE?...Be Sure To CHECK Out The MAP To Find Out What is Gonna Happen

    World Features:
    1)PUNCHING Jammer
    2)Zombie Jammer
    3)Night Theme(Weather Machine)

    PIXEL ARTS with Parkour Inside it:
    WOLF TOTEM-No One Did it Yet Except Me..(ORGINALITY)
    TURTLE-I'm Not Quiet Sure...But Hey Its Cool Though...
    PYRAMID-Yep! A Triangle PYRAMID
    AirPlane-its Airplane...But Hey Its Awesome To have Airplane in a World PLUS! It has A Parkour Inside it
    Jimmy The Smiley-If You Dont Know Jimmy The Smiley Well He is A Funny Guy Who Always SMILE..Its A Cartoon Character You Know...Its in Jimmy Neutron...

    UPDATE: Some Cactus Has Been Added, Some Spikes has added and remove( Some Are Difficulty and Some are Super EASIEST Part..I'm Balancing The Easiest and the Hardest to Be A Normal....Added SOme Venus,Hanging Guytraps And Some Grass(Decoration) in The Maze :]...

    Well Here is The RENDERED WORLD:Name:  loststatue.png
Views: 1079
Size:  234.4 KB
    Follow All the Rules And You will be rewarded By it...

    WOTD: None
    Growtokens: 3/200
    Focused Eyes :0/1
    Successful Life

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    Thumbs up THE CASTLE ! Hey Seth and Hamumu ,Please make this the WOTD :D World name: CstJump

    A really nice adventure world with a really nice song ! A story and a big castles with kings and queens ! You begin with the king asking you to save his queen that was kidnapped and u have to go in different Locations to finish the adventure , u meet a guard and a homeless man that will help u in your adventure ! Its a pretty good story adventure world and i wish i could win my first WOTD!

    World contains:
    -p+z jammer
    -Night machine
    -castle parkour
    -sewers parkour
    -pretty nice place to stay with your freinds
    -tree , and VIP !Name:  cstjump.png
Views: 1085
Size:  266.8 KB

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    Here is a world I'd like to win WOTD with:

    Name:  candyvalley2.png
Views: 1073
Size:  367.1 KB

    The story brings you to the North Pole where you have to stop the villain who is trying to melt the whole ice and spoil Christmas!
    Go save the valley on board the Royal Ship!

    Thanks for taking a look at my world since I worked very hard on this world with the design and story. I'd be glad to win WOTD once more.
    I'm your Hero!

    My country: Mauritius
    Username: Vaillant

    Relax to play. Play to relax.
    Feel the game!

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    Presenting the world, OLDRADIANCE

    Name:  image.jpg
Views: 1068
Size:  685.1 KB

    You happen to visit a very famous cavern, which is known for it's natural rock formations and its crystal-rich panorama.

    But there's more than it being a beautiful artifact of nature!
    Legend says that the cave itself is alive! Possessed by an entity living within a White Crystal.
    It is said that travellers are guided by this being to the path they deserve by judging the will of their hearts. Those who are weak are set to the path of isolation, those who are adventurous are set to the path of fortune and those who are worthy are guided to meet the entity itself.

    Take your torches, flashlights and hard hats! And uncover the truth behind this mystery!

    Things that the world offers:

    IGN: CandleJack
    Twitter: ItsCandleJack

    > Check My Threads Out: <

    Quote Originally Posted by A Friendly Reminder
    "We don't have the privilege to start drama anymore"

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    It is an adventure world. You start by spawning in the middle of the dessert. In this part of the map you need to finish the pyramid and get the everlasting torch inside it. After this part, you enter a giant tree which you need to find the banana which is located on the top of the tree.. Find the rest out.. Wel hint is, A trench filled with giant halloween fishes. A city with a casino wherein you get caught by the police because casino is not encouraged. You also need to break out of jail and answer some wuizzes abiut growtopia. The quizzes are only true or false. Sample question is "Playing casino can get you cursed". We all obviously know the answer. That's it. Complete with jammers and song and weather




    Hi1307's 1DL Giveaway

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