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Thread: Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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    I want nominate my world TANKPARKOUR !
    I think is beautiful build and design.Also maybe Seth want make them to World Of The Day
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    Have a nice day!
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    In this story , You are lost somewhere far , And the only way back is going through the DANGEROUS FOREST and SCARY TOWERS.

    In your journey throught the DANGEROUS FOREST , You'll encounter hard and dangerous obstacles and there is a Huge Cliff and Waterfalls at the end.

    When you reach the SCARY TOWERS , At first it looks easy and safe but at the Second Tower , Things will change.

    When you got back home , After a long night it's all worth it


    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Spooky Weather Machine
    -Scary-Themed Blocks : Grimstone , Venus Guytraps , Twisted Death Spike and a lot more
    -Gravity Falls Song
    -Ghost Pixel Art

    Message: I hope i win , this is my first time in forums and first time making a wotd. My friends also helped me in some things , so we have a teamwork.

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    This world is about a Lord, who hides in his own castle - nobody has ever seen him, spoken to him, etc.

    Your aim is to get to see the Lord, by completing several different tasks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Bowe View Post
    Instead of your standard parkour, adventure world or blast - I decided to make a world that is purely aesthetic, but fun to hang out in. And I thought to myself, who doesn't love an aquarium? So why not have a FULL WORLD aquarium? The world did originally have 5,400 fish tanks as a background, but we decided it just didn't contrast well with some of the "islands" we have in place, so we replaced them instead. It still has thousands of fish tanks, though!

    Welcome to GROWMARINE:

    I added the render as a link as it's not updated yet, so it will be viable once I update the render.
    So that's where my fish went... Lol looks awesome!

    On a side, less important note LOOK AT MY WORLD SETH: TUNNELER It's Ready!!!
    It's been too long but I haven't given up hope so again I would like to nominate my world TUNNELER For WOTD.
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    Good day Seth and Hamumu

    I've built two worlds that I think have a chance of getting WOTD. Here are brief descriptions and features of these worlds.

    This world is a hospital where many people can come and perform surgeries.
    Features :
    -A big amount of surgery beds for all the patients
    -A complete guide on all the diseases and how to cure them!
    -A small parkour where people can race and play together
    -A small shop for players who need surgical items and tools
    -A song for players to enjoy
    -Plenty other stuff for players to discover

    Here's a picture of the world

    This world is basically a giant castle for people to play games, chat, or simply discover the world. (Sorry if the music sheets mess up some things ;/)
    Features :
    -A small parkour for those who want to do it.
    -A game generator for people who want to battle ;D
    -A secret tower where you can find a wizard!!! (There is a secret way to get in though, it's up to the players to find it ;D)
    -Players can hide in a treehouse and chat in there!
    -Like to read? Well the library is the perfect spot for you xD
    -A jail for the scammers in Growtopia... 8)
    -A kitchen for hungry players ;P

    Here's a picture of the world!

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