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Thread: Use of NovaShell in a Stats Competition

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    Question Use of NovaShell in a Stats Competition

    Hello Mr. Robinson,

    I am currently enrolled at the University of Waterloo, and I am entering a contest to provide a better way of teaching some topics covered in our statistics classes. Here is a link to the competition website. I have been in the process of creating a simple game that will provide an interactive example of the material I will attempt to teach through a YouTube video (the game I am creating would also be made available to be downloaded for free).

    Before I finish and submit my entry I am making sure that you are ok with me using much of the code from the Example - Tree World Side Scroller Test level created by you. I do plan on replacing the textures with my own (with the possible exception of the pencil as I am not a great animator), adding code specific to my needs, as well as creating my own music before the dead line of April 5 2013. More than likely the version I will have at that time will be pretty beta, but it will be playable and I do plan on continuing to update it after the competition deadline. Of course I would keep the NovaShell and rtsoft logo on the start screen as well as credit you somewhere (either on the start screen or in the credits when I manage to create them).

    When you have time to respond please let me know if this is acceptable.


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    Sure, feel free!
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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