I've never used CDNow to purchase CDs (haven't bought indie/underground music from a major distribution service in a long while and don't intend to ever again) but I understand your grief... I haven't heard the term "slow-core" since I first started listening to Low way back in 2001, probobly best to just go to their website, or go directly to kranky.net. I bring that up simply because supporting an indie label can't be done half as well as when you directly order from them. I remember when Dink first came out, my dad ordered from them directly over the phone, it's great. No middle man, no fuss. Southern records, temporary residence, constellation and alien8recordings are my favourite labels, I've ordred from them before and had no problem at all (literally I just slipped a 20 into the envelop and sent it to them )

By the way, is the new Low CD good?