ok, this has nothing to do with RTSOFT, but this is the lounge after all.
amazon bought CDNOW (or so it appears), thus ruining CDNOW.
CDNOW used to be a much simpler and cleaner design than Amazon. It was way easier to search for a band and actually have it come up. but NOO. Amazon went and ruined it. Now if you are searching for a band with a not very specific name (like their name is just a common word), you get 200 different albums from bands that have that word in their name as well.
CDNow would first come up with a list of band names you could pick from, THEN you would just get the albums from that band.

For example, if I search for the band "Low" (a slow-core band from minnesota), I get like 200 albums from various bands, some Low, some Down Low, some by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, William Christie, Christine Schäfer (dunno how that came up).

Damn annoying.
So, Seth, don't get bought by Amazon.
Thank you.