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Thread: Is anyone still interested in playing LoRD?

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    A friend and I threw up a BBS just to play Legend of the Red Dragon called The Realm of Serion BBS! Would anyone here be interested in joining us and play one of Seth's most successful games???

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    I used to run a Synchronet BBS, and I may put one back up again soon.

    I do have a Legend of the Green Dragon game at:

    It's like LoRD, but with Races and Classes, and multiple cities.

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    Yeah, we tried to get things running with Mystic, but Synchronet works perfectly.

    We got quite a game of LORD going here! We also have prizes set up for the winner and runners up!
    Stop on by if you're interested!

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    I don't mean to spam my own thread, but the unfortunately the service for the Tournament is down right now.
    Construction accross the street cut the phone line to the building and now we're without DSL service until Qwest fixes the problem.

    I apologize for the inconvenience and I will post again when the service is back up!

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    Service is back up this morning! I normally would not post service issues, but it's just so early in the tourny...

    Thanks to the people who have already joined the tournament through viewing this thread! There's a good game going on!

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    Any chance LORD will work on a mush client? If not could someone make or setup a game on a mush client, just a thought.

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    Well, I used to run LoRD on a WWIVnet board, ages ago...
    (omega BBS, node @5809 if that means anything to people)

    I am currently setting up a mambo CMS site and I'd be interested in any information on any work that has been done to port LoRD to php or anyone who has made source or Java accessible off of their own sites. (I like LotGD, but I'd really like to host something on my own site.)

    Anyone? (Bueller?)

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    Kindred: you can run LoGD off your own site (see my adaptation, Blue Dragon, for proof of this&#33. Just download the source code, configure a MySQL database backend, and away you go.

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