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Thread: What's the sense of Free applications that are.......

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    Default What's the sense of Free applications that are.......

    You got an application that is free?

    I got many. But some of them needed In-app purchases to continue the game.

    Example is "The Walking dead season 1 and 2"
    Only 1 chapter is free, It has 5 chapters. Only 1 can be playable by free.

    Another 1 is "Lego Star wars trilogy"
    Only 1 chapter is free again, and chapter 2-6 needed to pay just to play.

    So whats your thoughts?
    Why they would make a free app that is.... Only 1 part of the game is free?
    Why they didnt made a demo/lite version?
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    Its because they want the dough. The bread. The stuff. The greens. The paper.


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    Its because they want the dough. The bread. The stuff. The greens. The paper.

    They want weed?
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    Imma just assume you have an apple product. They make it free so the players will get hooked. Once they are hooked, the creators force you to pay to play, that way people have a FreeSample of the game. Apple doesn't do Lite/Free versions.

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