Realtime multiplayer interaction in an
ansi graphical mud environment.

At any time you can hit S to show
the names of people.

Sending global messages are as easy
as hitting T.

If two or more messages are recieved
at the same time, they are put in 'que',
and displayed in the order they were
recieved, even while you are moving
around the map. (they will disappear
after a certain amount of time, based
on the message's length)

LORD2's 'View Stats' screen also lets
you easily manipulate items.

Just move the light bar to select the
item you want and hit enter, a pop
up window will display the possible
things you can do with it.

Equipping, drinking, eating and using
items are just that easy!

The power of BBS gaming is in the
multiplayer interaction.

New ways of interacting are being
added to LORD2 all the time - one
of the newer additions is the ability
to purchase an actual land location
and be able to set an entrance
password to only allow your
friends in.

To attack or give something to
someone, simply move your
cursor over theirs and press H.

These options are also available
when the person you are 'hailing'
is ONLINE - You can kill people
in real time, wahoo!

Sure, sure - that is nice and all.. But
what if you want to make your OWN
adventure or game?

You can. LORD2 is really a new
version of RTreader - a powerfull
programming language that lets
you do everything.

You can also add items, monsters
and new screens in the registered

After you pick which screen to edit
you get a close up view.

Online help will make designing
a new screen a managable task.

You can create 'hot spots' on a certain square that will warp a player to another location or run a 'ref' file. This is the heart of the engine, connecting your maps to your own scripts you've created with any text editor. LORD2 was written ENTIRELY with this scripts, so you have a LOT of examples to look at!

LORD2: New World

The next step in door games.