The Exploration Of Space or, TEOS for short (tee-ose) was a very different Space Trading game that caught the attention of the BBS world back in `92 when it debuted.

New things that are inside TEOS 2.00!

* Planet odds are downed from 1.7 to 1.1.
* Ships were slightly changed, one new one added.
* Zone Atomics are no longer sold, only found. - this fixes a major game imbalance.
* Cartel members can now trade at a cartel owned private planet
* Many planet trade rates were changed to make more even game play, you won't experience this until you reset the game.
* Atomics and a few other things can be found in the event 'pod'.
* The 'pod' event now has a female version also.
* (M)ake Announcement option added to Cartel Menu.
* If a person is deleted by normal maintenece, his corp is deleted correctly. (all people on the corp are kicked off and notified)
* Eden warps can now warp ANYWHERE except..
* Any place selling Eden Warp units cannot be direct warped to, regardless of beacon status.
* Person can't buy too many reactor units. (it will fix anybody who has too many also)
* Your first Hyper jump will never be to a planet you are already on!
* If your next warp IS your current location however, it will allow it now
* When listing prices of Cargo Spaces it now figures in the 'already own so many' multiplier.
* Fixed problem where while hitting an NPC with a torp would have a human get mailed about it.
* If you kill someone with a Zone Atomic from the explosion of your ship, you are now properly destroyed also.
* If all fighters are knocked out by a Zone Atomic, it now says "All fighters" not "All 0 fighters".
* Anticloak information is cleared when Eden Warping
* Support for 'blown up' planets. Option is in editer now.
*Won't lock up if Hyper Jumps per Day is bigger than # of planets.
* Reprocussions if you invade a planet owned by your 'organization'. Player owned planets don't count.
* If you attack a planet, they will be hostile until you warp out. This means no trading or using IGM's.
* Anticloak levels now go to 1000 ok, was a shortint before.
* Put rarely used routines into an overlay, TEOS was starting to require too much conventional memory, now it needs only 350 K.
* (G)ame stats now shows IGM's installed and location if the IGM permits
* Much more info in TROUBLE.DOC - do check it out before calling us!
* You now can retire, and get kicked out of the Alliance or Maraken.
* Fixed problem where the Alliance thought you were a 'dread pirate' at the wrong times.
* Human owned planets can get viruses and have people die off. Rare though.

(exit to main menu)