Proton Arduboy Simulator

See a Vine of it in action here.

Play its HTML5 export in a browser here.

What does it do?

It's a harness to run code written for the Arduboy in Visual C++ 2005. It fakes the Arduboy API (Both V1.1 and V1.2 of the Arduboy library) so I can test and debug my stuff in my favorite development environment. The identical code can then be run on the real Arduboy.

Features/Good stuff
Issues/Bad stuff
How to compile and run it as is

* The Proton ArduboySim/win subdirectory contains the Visual C++ solution to open. This is included with the main Proton distribution which you can get here. (What's Proton SDK? It's kind of like SDL but you include all the .cpp files rather than use a library)

By default I've included a slightly modified version of Arduboy's breakout example. To run it, open the Visual Studio project and compile the “Debug GL” or “Release GL” configuration.

In addition to clicking the visual direction pad/buttons, you can also use the keyboard arrow keys and the Ctrl and Z keys for A and B respectively.

How to convert your own Arduboy code/sketch to run
How to run your converted sketch on the real Arduino

Just double click <proton install dir>/ArduboySim/Arduboy/Arduboy.ino and compile and install like usual in the Arduino IDE, it should work. You can zip up just that dir if you want to give the Sketch source to somebody, it works the same as usual despite the tweaks.


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