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 ====About==== ====About====
 +Proton SDK (aka p+) is a component based C++ framework that is optimized for GL/GLES based mobile cross-platform game development.
 +It's designed for advanced C++ programmers,​ if you're new to C++ or programming,​ this probably isn't the SDK for you!
 +Warning: Currently, things are designed around the presumption that you want to work from Visual C++ on Windows as your "​main"​ development platform. Most scripts are .bat files. There is no deal-breaking reason why you can't use another platform as your "​main"​ platform, but you'll have to do more work to get it going. ​ If you do that, you should tell email Seth and contribute any tips/​scripts/​changes you've made.
 Proton SDK was created by Seth A. Robinson. ([[http://​|www]]/​[[http://​|blog]]/​[[http://​​rtsoft|twitter]]/​[[|email]]) Proton SDK was created by Seth A. Robinson. ([[http://​|www]]/​[[http://​|blog]]/​[[http://​​rtsoft|twitter]]/​[[|email]])
-Special thanks to [[http://​​wiki/​Main_Page|ClanLib]] (I use its vector and matrix math), boost, the Independent JPEG Group, Imagination Technologies Ltd, zlib, [[http://​​|Irrlicht]],​ [[http://​​|FMOD]] and [[http://​​linearparticle.html|LinearParticle]].+Contributors:​ 
 +Aki Koskinen ([[http://​|Second Lion]]/​[[http://​​secondlion|twitter]]/​[[|email]]) 
 +  * Created the linux target, added new features and fixed many bugs 
 +Special thanks to [[http://​​wiki/​Main_Page|ClanLib]] (Proton uses its vector and matrix math), boost, the Independent JPEG Group, Imagination Technologies Ltd, zlib, [[http://​​|Irrlicht]],​ [[http://​​|FMOD]], Cocos2D/​Cocos-X, ​and [[http://​​linearparticle.html|LinearParticle]]. 
 +====Contributing Code==== 
 +Do you want to be a part of the magic and contribute your brainpower to the project?  
 +Fork the github tree and submit a pull request! ​  
 +  * Unless there is a very good reason we'd like all changes to be 100% backwards compatible with existing. ​ No breaking changes. 
 +  * All submitted code/media must be fully compatible with the Proton license or be a separate library that has a compatible license that allows it to be included (like libpng for example) 
 +  * Feel free to add your name in the credits of the .h file of any class/file you considerably modify/add to 
 +  * Got a question about an approach? Be bold and write something in the [[https://​​forums/​forumdisplay.php?​27-Proton-SDK|Proton Forums]]! 
 +====Contributing Documentation==== 
 +This is a wiki, <​del>​feel free</​del>​ .. well, we had a bit of a spam problem and have disabled new wiki sign ups.  If you'd like access, email seth with a logon and password and he'll set it up for ya. 
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