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Proton SDK (aka p+) is a component based C++ framework that is optimized for GL/GLES based mobile cross-platform game development.

It's designed for advanced C++ programmers, if you're new to C++ or programming, this probably isn't the SDK for you!

Warning: Currently, things are designed around the presumption that you want to work from Visual C++ on Windows as your “main” development platform. Most scripts are .bat files. There is no deal-breaking reason why you can't use another platform as your “main” platform, but you'll have to do more work to get it going. If you do that, you should tell email Seth and contribute any tips/scripts/changes you've made.


Proton SDK was created by Seth A. Robinson. (www/blog/twitter/email)

Special thanks to ClanLib (Proton uses its vector and matrix math), boost, the Independent JPEG Group, Imagination Technologies Ltd, zlib, Irrlicht, FMOD and LinearParticle.


One of the greatest perks of working for yourself is you can give away source code without a second thought.

I enjoy programming engines as much as making games. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know people across the globe are (maybe) using my stuff and contributing bugfixes and code back. How cool is that?


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