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Tapjoy lets you run ads and use virtual currency.

Check RTAdTest for an example.

Requires an AdManager object to be setup to use.

Fully supported on Android but not iOS, hassle Seth to write docs. Check the RTAdTest example for usage for now.

Enabling Tapjoy for iOS build

Download the Tapjoy iOS Publisher Virtual Goods SDK and put the TapjoyConnectVirtualGoodsSDK_iOS directory in /shared/iOS.

Add the entire /shared/iOS/TapjoyConnectVirtualGoodsSDK/TapjoyConnect folder to your Xcode project. (Select the “Create Groups for any added folders” option)

Define the compiler environmental variable RT_TAPJOY_SUPPORT to the project's xCode settings.

Enabling Tapjoy for Android build

Download the Tapjoy Android Virtual Publishers SDK and copy the com/tapjoy directory to /shared/android/optional_src/com. (This is where Proton will expect to find the SDK files when doing the build)

Edit android/build_prepare.bat and uncomment the tapjoy lib copy so it looks like below:

:for tapjoy (optional)
echo d | xcopy ..\..\shared\android\optional_src\com\tapjoy temp_final_src\com\tapjoy /E /F /Y

Edit android/src/ and change #define RT_TAPJOY_SUPPORT to #define RT_TAPJOY_SUPPORT

Also look below in that file and change this to valid info:

TapjoyConnect.requestTapjoyConnect(getApplicationContext(), "replace with tapjoy app id", "replace with tapjoy app secret key");
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