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Compiling the examples for HTML5 with Enscripten from Windows

About and situation

Well, we all know by now that Flash is dead. HTML5 (which is really Javascript and WebGL) is the new way to get your games and apps onto the web in way that is safe for players. Nobody wants to download .exe files and get viruses anymore, so this is a good way to go.

You will take a speed hit and you don't get full access to the user's hardware and networking, but that's the price you pay. You can't do direct socket/UDP access, but it is still possible to do networked games with some work arounds. If you need to read files/data from a web page, you need to setup the server itself to allow access. Annoying, without this, people could basically DDOS any site by getting a lot of people to simply open a webpage.

The good news is getting your Proton SDK based games to export to HTML5 is very easy and only requires setting up the makefile and maybe a couple lines in your App.cpp file.

See it in action
Installing Emscripten
Updating the SDK

From time to time, you should probably update the SDK to make sure you have the latest version. (at this time I'm using 1.34.1 64bit)

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