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Looney Ladders Example

ladders_title.jpg spygame3.jpg

Seth made this game for Ludumdare 19. It's a complete 2d game, source is in svn.

  • Setup to compile for Windows, OSX, iPad, and iPhone
  • Illustrates how to use the DPadComponent for touch screen directional control
  • Illustrates how to manage input from multiple sources using virtual keys
  • Windows and OSX projects are setup for FMOD audio
  • Graphics are horrible. Anyone want to redo them?? If so, I'll release it as a freebie on iOS and put your name on the main menu.
  • It has an issue where you can't move if FPS goes under 30 or so.. just a dumb way I did the player movement, should fix it

You can download ready to run versions here.

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