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RTPack source code

It's located in tools/RTPack.


It's a MSVC project that requires Clanlib 1.X and the PowerVR libraries (for .pvrtc texture creation) to compiles.

The PowerVR stuff should (unless you want to mess with paths) be located in shared/win/powerVR. (the dirs OGLES and Windows and the file sdkver.h should be copied there)

Note: Unless you really need to tweak something you never really need to compile this as the .exe version is included.


There is a cmake build file that can be used to build the tool in Linux.

You need to get PVRTexLib from Imagination (it's a free download but requires registration). Extract the contents of the package under tools/RTPack preserving paths - you should get a subdirectory called PVRTexLib there.

You also need ClanLib version 1 development packages. On Fedora the package is called ClanLib1-devel. On other distributions it might be called something else…

Next run the script in the tools/RTPack directory. You should get a binary called RTPack into a subdirectory called build.

For me using the latest PVR SDK files for Linux I can't use the instructions above:

There are missing funcs in the the latest linux PVR tex lib libraries. Functions called in TexturePacker.cpp are not going to be found - only in the linux version of the .a file(great).

To check your version do things like: strings libPVRTexLib.a |grep ProcessRAWPVR ( ← This func will not be there and some others )

Fortunately you can file an older version of PVR Texlib that isn't missing the functions at: grab the files there and grab the .a file from the subdir Linux


  • cd to RTPack
  • mkdir PVRTexLib
  • cd PVRTexLib
  • mkdir Linux_x86_32
  • put the .a file there (libPVRTexLib.a)
  • cd back to RTPack
  • cmake -f CMakeLists.txt
  • make

There should be a RTPack executable file.

The lazy alternative is to use wine RTPack.exe <cmd line options>.


Want to help by compiling an OSX version? Add it here!

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