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 ==== RTPack source code ==== ==== RTPack source code ====
 +RTPack is a general purpose utility that does several useful things from the command line.  The .exe version is used from .bat files in windows, and on linux .. well, it doesn'​t have an .exe and it used from shell scripts or something.
 +What's it do?
 +  * Converts most image formats to .rttex. ​ (.rttex is Proton'​s custom image format, it can do things like use png or jpg compression internally, remember the pre-tweaked widths/​heights,​ stuff like that.
 +  * Can create fonts
 +  * Can compress any file (Proton will detect and decompress compressed files)
 +  * Other bad ass stuff. ​ Or not, I can't remember
 It's located in tools/​RTPack. It's located in tools/​RTPack.
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