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Screenshots from the examples

From RTBareBones, the first app you should try because it's dead simple and easy to get going.

From the RTFont tutorial, shows how the fonts work.

From RTSimpleApp, shows how LinearParticle works, touch to create an explosion.

From RTSimpleApp, demonstrates how to let the user input text. On an iPhone or some Android phone a native keyboard overlay will appear.

From RT3DApp, using Irrlicht to draw a Blitz3D model exported from 3DSMax. House model by Akiko

From RT3DApp, after choosing the “Quake style BSP map” option. You can run around the level using touch controls. Screenshot from an iPad.

From RT3DApp, after choosing the “Terrain Renderer” option.

From RT3DApp, demonstrates how to load an animated .x file. Irrlicht supports many other formats as well.

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