Get the low down on what's going on with LORD and other BBS stuff.

LORD/BBS Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is LORD, LORD2 or TEOS?

Answer: LORD stands for "Legend Of the Red Dragon" and is an old BBS game I (Seth Able Robinson) created in 1989. Some screenshots are here at Moby Games.

It's been ported to several OS's and BBS types including DOS, Worldgroup and Wildcat. BBS's (Bulletin Board System) were how we communicated in an online world before we could get on the internet.

The internet is cool and all, but it's hard not to miss the atmosphere of using a small, local system where you can meet everybody that you chat/play and go out to Denny's at two AM together for no reason.

LORD2 is the sequel to LORD, it allowed real-time multiplayer movement and battles. W.O.W. it ain't, but it was pretty sweet for its day. A lot of LORD2 pics with captions at Moby Games.

Planets: TEOS (The Exploration Of Space) was kind of like LORD mixed with Tradewars, it had some very funny arcade sequences in it like bouncing around in your escape pod trying to catch a ride.

I sold all my doors games to Metropolis Inc in 1998.

The best place to go for LORD news and updates is Michael Preslar's Lord Legacy site.

Question: Will you let me port LORD to (insert OS here)?

I (Seth) no longer own LORD, TEOS or LORD2. So even if I said yes, this doesn't really matter, as I have nothing to do with it. The correct people to ask would be Metropolis Inc.

Another idea is make a similar game that is different enough so you can't be sued or something.

Question: I used to play LORD 10 years ago, is there now a cool updated net version I can play that's all badass?

Well, not that I know of, but you might want to try a php based clone called Legend Of The Green Dragon.

Question: Can you help me setup LORD to play at my college through the network?

LORD.EXE /L let's you play locally (it will prompt for your user name). This is in the documentation if you need more info.

Question: Hey, Bud, how about slipping me a reg code for LORD?

Sorry man, I can't give out free codes, hit www.gameport.com they still sell it.

Question: Seth, I bought LORD/TEOS a while back, can you go look me up and give me my reg codes?

This is a service www.gameport.com performs. The full user database was delivered to them and part of the agreement was they would replace lost codes. I personally no longer have the database or perform this service.

Question: What is the exact math used for the fighting in LORD?

Ok - it is pretty simple. HIT_AMOUNT = ( (strength / 2) + (random(strength / 2))) - defence;

If a negative #, then they missed!

This math was used for player vs player or monster fights, but monsters had no defense.

Question: LORD gets a run-time error when I run it on my super fast computer! What's wrong?

There is a known bug with recent computers (P2-300+) and *ALL* software compiled with the old Turbo Pascal I used.

If this is the case, you CAN fix it - download this patch and apply it to theoffending .EXE files. (LORD.EXE or LORD2.EXE, etc)

Address for patch: http://www.rtsoft.com/tppatch.exe


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