A mini-game, or gamelet if you will, are diminutive experiments that Seth writes on a whim or for a competition. Most include source code as well for those interested in such things.

Like an ancient jar of magic jelly beans, each offers you a unique and sometimes stale flavor.

Seth's assorted weird mini-games, mostly from 48 hour game jams

Tarzan: Guardian Of Earth

Ever dreamed of running naked through a forest during a thunderstorm and saving the day by putting out fires with urine?

Bathroom Teacher

Teach naughty sheep how to use a public restroom correctly. By throwing mud. Note: This didn't age well, it's just supposed to be silly, we don't really care which bathroom anybody uses.


Enter your wife's bloodstream in a desperate last-ditch effort to heal her. Based on a mental game I play while driving where I blast curbs.

Lighthouse Rescue

Rescue drowning people while avoiding rocks. Features day/night cycle and upgradable tech.

Zoo Master

Keep flies off animals by using swiping motions with your mouse. Failed experiment I think.

Hero School

In this bomber-man'ish clone the goal is to rescue ugly girls while avoiding bombs.
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