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Tanked - free 3D online multiplayer tank combat

(Video made by tankedgod)

Multiplayer only. (online via network or local split-screen)

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Questions and answers area

Q: How do I adjust my turret vertically?

A: You can't. Only side to side. But don't get cocky kid, circle-strafing or flipping to shoot behind you without changing direction is challenge enough.

Q: How does the "Ready for launch" work?

A: The game will launch if the majority of people (for instance, 3 out of 4) have clicked this button *OR* if the maximum number of players per game (currently 8) has been reached.

So if someone never clicks it, it isn't a big deal, the game will still eventually launch. If everyone clicks it early (before other people have entered the room), it allows smaller games. If you use the option /who you can see who has/hasn't clicked Launch.

Q: I got a private message, how do I reply?!

A: Do /msg <full or partial name> and then your message. You only have to type the first three letters of their name - not the whole thing. If more than one person is online that matches, it will send to all of them. (And give you the list)

To just see if a friend is online, do /msg <full or partial name> without a message and it will tell you.

Q: Can I set the level that we'll play?

A: Yes - type /map <full or partial level name> from chat before the game launches to set it. /goal can be used for setting how many points are needed to win. Do /? from chat to see all available options.

Q: My name is set to something cute and I can't change it!

A: This means your user name was offensive and we changed it and removed your ability to set your own name to be safe.

To maintain my goal of being a "family friendly game" (and not get kicked out of the iTunes appstore due to incorrect rating) I have to be pretty strict about that kind of stuff when it happens in public rooms/games.

Q: I was banned, how can I get back into the game?

A: It's easy to ban people but currently a big hassle to unban someone. So.. don't get banned!

Offensive chat, handles, griefing, etc are all no-nos. Instead of banning, sometimes I namelock and perma-mute instead. If someone in the game never talks or responds to you, that may be why.

Also note that that banning may happen hours or days after the offensive behavior occured.