What is Toolfish?

Toolfish is a powerful collection of useful Internet based utilities all grouped into one program.

Professional multithreaded version for 98/98SE/ME/W2K/XP - Full unicode support on W2K/XP.


  • Toolfish is a powerful tree based event scheduler based on the incredibly simple concept of 6 types of triggers and 19 types of actions

  • Web Compare - Automatically checks wepages for changes using advanced fuzzy logic and notifies you based on 'percent changed', keywords or date

  • Talking New Email Announcer - Supports unlimited POP3 accounts, filtering and a special new button to instantly show all emails still on the server

  • Site Monitor - Get notified when a site, email server or port is unavailable or gives errors such as 404 and keep statistics (notification by email, .wav, run a program, and popups supported)

  • Atomic Clock Adjustment - Adjusts your clock to match the worlds most accurate time piece, the atomic clock

  • Talking Reminders - Use the One-Time or Recurring Reminder Wizard to quickly add a talking reminder, never forget an important event again!

  • Global keystroke and application logging

  • Macros with full unicode support

  • Control Other Applications - Send keys, close, kill-task and send custom WM messages to any application based on .exe name or title bar text. Cause events to run if a program is or isn't running, or is or isn't currently in focus

  • Smart Mute - Auto mute your computers volume based on inactivity. Touch a key or mouse and it instantly turns back on

  • Stealth Mode - Hide Toolfish completely, good for watching the kids

  • Unlimited Hotkey Support - Attach any Toolfish event, macro, program, website, file or event to a hotkey. Comes with some good ones pre-setup

  • Set Volume with Smooth Fade

  • Paste IP Address

  • Automate Logoff/Shutdown/Reboot based on conditions

  • Leet-Type - Converts your typing to hacker-speak in realtime!

  • Fun Statistics - Ever wondered how many miles you've moved your mouse or how many keys you've typed?

  • Use the Event Manager to build your own events of any size. Virtually EVERY event can be customized with .wavs, mp3's, sending email with file attachments, popup messages, text to speech speaking, running programs and much more!

  • Auto startup with boot minimized to tray (or hidden in Stealth Mode)

  • Colorized event log with auto URL highlight support. This is also logged to disk and auto trimmed to 200 lines. (configurable in the options dialog)

For the latest Toolfish news and info: visit the Toolfish website!

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Quick tips:

Toolfish comes configured with a few useful events pre-setup for you:

  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I --- This will paste your current IP address to the active window.
  • Ctrl-Shift-G --- This will open and say Google.com*
  • Ctrl-Shift-D --- This will open and say Google Groups*
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D --- This will open and say Dictionary.com**
  • Ctrl-Alt-F12 --- This quickly opens/shrinks Toolfish.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F12 --- This toggles Stealth mode (hides the tray icon)
  • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N --- Opens notes.txt. Just a quick place to scribble ideas or notes.
  • A simple event has been included that has your computer tell you to take a break every hour, if the keyboard or mouse has been touched in the last 5 minutes.
  • A Web Compare event has been setup for www.rtsoft.com (us) and www.rtsoft.com/toolfish (also us) so you will be notified of any changes and new versions.

Any of these can easily be edited or deleted using the Event Manager.

To setup Atomic Clock Adjustment or Email checking use the Event Wizard, it's easy!

* Google is a trademark of Google Inc and is not affiliated with Toolfish or Robinson Technologies in any way, it is simply a great website we recommend you visit.

** Dictionary.com is owned by Lexico LLC and is not affiliated with Toolfish or Robinson Technologies in any way, it is simply another great website we recommend you visit.

*** Derived in part from the RSA Data Security, In. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm

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